Healthcare in India


how does the healthcare system work in India ? Is it efficient ?

What are the main differences between public and private sectors?

Is it recommended to purchase private health insurance in India?

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience !


Public sector health care is the best only in CGHS. Never even think about stepping into any other public hospital here. People die due to constant bureaucratic delays in healthcare in public hospitals.

The flipside is private health care sector where the medical aid is far superior but ethics go out of the window in the greed for money.

Corporate hospitals offer extremely good health care but be wary of doctors who would suggest and subject you to tens of unnecessary medical tests for a simple diagnosis. If you appear uninformed, you are sure to be taken for a ride by the corporate doctors. Hefty medical bills and a colossal and shocking waste of your time and energies!

A recent sting operation revealed a nexus between 300 and more doctors of prominent corporate hospitals and medical representatives of cash flush pharma companies who carved out a deal to give the doctors freebies and gifts in return for prescribing their medical products.

The Medical Council of India has ordered a probe into this scam. … bha-member … companies/

Be informed and you got the right to say 'NO' to a wilfully wrong diagnosis by any doctor and seek a second opinion.

Medical insurance is a must as well. Be insured.

Healthcare system in India is efficient and well quipped now a days.
there is huge difference between public and private sectors in all aspects. But government increasingly trying to make private sector hospitals more advanced and efficient. I know some of them are AIIMS, UN Mehta Cardiac Institute- Ahmedabad and many more.
But I would advice to take various opinions and keep healthcare professional or some familiar person of doctor with you at time of consulting.
Yes its good to have private health insurance. But check for the claim approval ratio and conditions properly before choosing any of it.

Hope it helps.

Healthcare in India is very cheaper for all.many of expat coming from middle east and europe for medical asssitant.

India is the growing healthcare buisness.

In terms of government sector healthcare is not up to the mark .but still keep on progressing.

I have had a few experiences in India with healthcare as I had to visit doctors while living and doing charity work there. From my experience I would highly recommend the private international hospitals and clinics over any government clinic any day. During my time in India I had a fissure which made life miserable. A lady who I was doing charity work with recommended a friend of hers who is a doctor at a government hospital that could take care of my issue. Upon visiting the clinic I quickly found that the system was broken and in bad shape. I was treated like crap by the staff but got in fast because I paid money and the doctor was expecting me. There was very little protection of modesty during the exam but I contributed that to cultural differences. He recommended a simple surgery to fix my issue. I agreed to it because I was miserable, it was inexpensive, and was nothing more than a minor procedure. The surgery was done a few days later in the government hospital. Again I found that I did not belong there. As a foreigner I was treated like crap, waited for hours with no acknowledgement, and was bounced from room to room to wait even more. Once it was my time to go back I was walked to the operating room where my procedure was done. The OR looked like a dirty cave with ancient medical equipment in it. I was scared to death and wondered what I got myself into. I again found there was no protection of modesty laying exposed on the table for the procedure with tons of people coming in and out of the room watching me get treated. The doctor did a good job but it was like having surgery in a hospital from the 40s. I had to visit another hospital because of a high fever and vomiting. That time I went to the emergency room at a international hospital. It was modern, clean, offered friendly service, but definitely a lot more pricey. The extra money was worth it and I'll never use a government hospital again in India even if Im referred to a particular doctor.

The private sector is usually composed of organizations that are privately owned and not part of the government,These usually includes corporations (both profit and non-profit), partnerships, and charities.
The public sector is usually composed of organizations that are owned and operated by the government. This includes federal, provincial, state, or municipal governments, depending on where you live.