Need advice - important medication


I'm new to the forum. An expat living elsewhere in Asia at present. I have a few interests in India, but at the moment, I need some advice to steer me toward a good outcome and away from the rocks.

I'm facing some tough choices regarding cancer treatment and one of those involves medication. In short, some medication that I need is astronomically expensive. However, I'm told that it can be obtained far cheaper in India. Which medication isn't decided yet, or important at the moment, but sources and methods are important, so those are my questions.

  1. Is there any way to know which Indian drug manufacturers have a trustworthy reputation?
  2. Once I identify one or more good manufacturers, I assume I'll need to buy online from a vendor / middleman. Are there any methods (websites, etc.) that you can recommend that are reliable?

I'm concerned about scams in general, but in this case, the medicine really needs to be made correctly with quality control, etc.

Any advice will be appreciated.



@Just Wanna Know There good companies like Sunpharma, cipla. Abbott. And Medlife

There are many INDIAN Pharmacy online companies who delivery by post to the USA