Info and tips for a research - medical/ healing practices in India

Good evening.
I am doctor from Brazil and I have a project of showing medical practices around the world. I will record a pilot of a programme (for TV) in India and I am looking for medical practices (both traditional and exotic of any kind!) if you know any healing method or center or practice, please gimme the direction, name or any tip!!!
I also want to interview doctors, dentists and physiotherapists...

Greetings from India

I am an Indian medical doctor returned from France and now based in Bangalore .The traditional systems of healing in India are yoga ,Ayurveda ,Siddha ,Unani .Besides these we practice the evidence based modern medicine (allopathy )in all specialities including surgery .
There are lot of faith healers who work mainly on psychosomatic disorders 

If you have clear idea of what you intend to document ,I can help you find the right centers where you can record the activities interview doctors and see the results  of clinical improvement .
Best Luck
Dr S V Prabhu

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