Do we need Health Insurance in India?


My husband is in the final negotiations to take a job in India. In the offer package they are providing him with health care insurance but not for me or our children. Coming from the US this seems very wrong but I've also read that health care costs are extremely low in India.

Do we need to get health care insurance for me and the children? If so, why? And how much is insurance if we are to pay for it ourselves?

Thank you!

hey I think the company does provide for Insurance to the family members. ANd teh insurance comparitively here in India is pretty reasonable. The amount could differ on the cover you take.

I guess I had it wrong. My husband is telling me that the company is offering hospital coverage for the entire family but only outpatient coverage for my husband.

I looked online with AETNA international coverage and they don't offer just outpatient's combined with hospital coverage. It was about $380/mo for me and the children. That's cheaper than the US but still seems high to me.

Hi Kalae,

Yes it is desired to have health insurance while in India if you can afford it. Although the cost for treatment is much less but it drains your resources in a strok. Regards-Naval

Thanks everyone. I will look to see if there's a way to get outpatient insurance for me and the kids to round out our hospital-only coverage. Appreciate your help!