News highlight of the week: Mauritius-France agreement to combat drug trafficking

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Published on 2024-02-23 at 07:06
This week saw the passage of Cyclone Eleanor, a new agreement between France and Mauritius, and the commemoration of the death of singer Kaya.

Cyclone Eleanor wreaks havoc

On Thursday, February 22nd, Storm Eleanor caused significant damage across the island, forcing no less than 1084 people to seek shelter in various relief centers. Minister of Social Security, Fazila Jeewa-Daureeawoo, assured that arrangements were made to provide meals to the refugees, even soliciting help from prisons to ensure hot meals. In total, over 10,000 households were left without electricity during the cyclone. The hardest-hit areas include Roche-Bois, Cité-La-Cure, and Baie-du-Tombeau, as well as northern regions like Crève Coeur, Terre Rouge, and Pamplemousses.

Mauritius-France agreement to combat drug trafficking

The government has given its approval for the signing of a crucial technical agreement between Mauritius and France to intensify the fight against drug proliferation and psychotropic substances.

This strategic agreement aims to enhance technical and operational cooperation between Mauritius and France. It involves information exchange, sharing of best practices, and the implementation of specialized training, thus emphasizing the strengthening of professional skills, promoting mutual support at the regional level, and improving mutual understanding of methodologies and procedures.

Additionally, a separate technical cooperation agreement, focusing on information exchange on maritime traffic surveillance and personnel training, will also be signed between the two countries. It aims to harmonize practices between the Centers for faster and more efficient information exchange between the two bodies.

Mauritius commemorates twenty-five years since Kaya's death

On February 21st, Mauritius commemorated Seggae National Day in honor of Joseph Réginald Topize, known as Kaya, who passed away exactly 25 years ago. The 'Zardin Lamizik' association orchestrated a series of events to celebrate the legacy of the 'seggae man'. An emotional gathering took place in Roche-Bois, near the La Guitarre roundabout, where supporters, Kaya's relatives, artists, members of his family, and Rastafari activists gathered to honor his memory.

The day began with passionate discussions on the importance of passing on Kaya's legacy to future generations, highlighting the timeless relevance of his songs addressing themes such as national unity, intercommunity dialogue, women's rights, and Mauritian identity. This was followed by a symbolic march to the Roche-Bois cemetery, accompanied by the sounds of "Ras Kouyon," the artist's iconic song. Azaria Topize, Kaya's son, was present and emphasized the persistent injustice regarding his father's death, the circumstances of which remain unknown.