Our practical guide to gardening in Mauritius!

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Published on 2023-11-15 at 12:13
If you're contemplating diving into gardening or already reveling in your green haven, consider yourself fortunate to experience a delightful climate year-round in Mauritius. To ensure that your gardening endeavors align with your dedication and aspirations, it's crucial to factor in the specific climatic conditions of your locale. In honor of the grand reopening of their Tamarin store, Espace Maison, our trusted collaborator in all things home and garden, has compiled this guide with nature enthusiasts in mind. Tailored for those who wish to nurture their garden in sync with the distinctive features of their surroundings.

Espace Maison Cap Tamarin is set to welcome visitors once again this November, boasting an outstanding gardening area showcasing over 2,000 plant species and a diverse array of outdoor furniture. In commemoration of this special occasion, Espace Maison presents a concise gardening guide, thoughtfully adapted to suit the tropical climate of Mauritius.

The climate in Mauritius

Our island is blessed with a delightful climate featuring mild temperatures that vary with the changing seasons. In the summer months, spanning from December to February, temperatures reach their peak, accompanied by elevated humidity levels. Conversely, the winter period, extending from May to September, ushers in cooler temperatures accompanied by robust winds. Here are more detailed insights:

Summer (October to April): This period is marked by heat peaks, high temperatures, and substantial humidity. It's crucial to shield your plants from the scorching sun, particularly since rainfall is either infrequent during this season.

Winter (May to September): In winter, temperatures are more moderate, averaging around 22°C. Strong winds have the potential to impact your plants, necessitating proper protection.

Rainy and cyclone seasons:

The rainy season typically occurs in February, while robust winds are anticipated in July and August. Given its tropical location, Mauritius is exposed to cyclones during the summer months.

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Kot or reste? Know your area

Embarking on gardening can be a truly rewarding experience, provided you customize your approach to align with your region's climate. For beginners, initiate your journey by delving into the distinctive climate features of your area. This foundational understanding will guide you in selecting the ideal plants and trees to cultivate in your garden.

The climate region by region

In broad terms, the climate can be quite dynamic, exhibiting significant variations from one region to another. Coastal areas often experience higher temperatures with less rainfall, whereas the central plateau, positioned between 400 and 600 meters above sea level, offers a cooler atmosphere with a more precipitation-friendly environment. It's important to note that there are temperature distinctions between inland and coastal areas!

The west and the north: the hottest zones

Residents in the coastal regions, specifically in the west or north of the island, are treated to a warm and sunny climate. Temperatures tend to be high, and rainfall is less frequent in these areas.

What to plant

To optimize your garden's potential, opt for plants that thrive in warmth and sunlight. Palms, bougainvilleas, and orchids flourish in these conditions. Consider cultivating exotic fruits like mangoes and bananas, or for those with a bit more patience, pineapples. Adding to the vibrancy, hibiscus, with its large and colorful flowers, will impart a unique and cheerful touch to your garden.

Our top tip

Ensure the well-being of your plants by watering them regularly, especially during dry periods. Equip yourself with the appropriate watering gear, be it hoses, spray guns, drip systems, or watering cans. Tailor your choice of equipment to suit your garden's size and the specific watering requirements of your plants.

East: gentle, pleasant trade winds

The eastern part of the island experiences consistent southeasterly trade winds throughout the year, delivering mild and pleasant breezes in the summer. Simultaneously, this region tends to be cooler during the winter months.

What to plant

Due to less pronounced temperature fluctuations compared to other parts of the island, the eastern region becomes an ideal environment for a diverse array of plants. Roses, basil, thyme, and tomatoes thrive in these conditions. Enhance your garden with a tropical touch by incorporating royal palms and frangipani.

Our top tip

To shield your plants from the robust winter winds, consider employing protective measures such as shade sails or wind screens. These devices serve to diminish the impact of winds on your plants, ensuring their health and vitality throughout the winter season.

The central plateau: freshness and humidity

Residing on the island's central plateau offers the advantage of a cooler and wetter climate. Temperatures are moderate, and rainfall is more frequent in this region.

What to plant

This environment provides an ideal setting for plants that thrive in cooler and wetter conditions. Perennial flowers, ferns, and fruit trees flourish in this area, benefiting from the frequent rainfall. The ambient humidity further supports the growth of moss and shade plants. Introducing camellias with their beautiful pink flowers can add an elegant touch to your garden in this setting.

Best practices for all gardeners

Regardless of where you live in Mauritius, here are some general tips to follow for a successful garden.

Soil maintenance

Maintaining the health of your soil involves regular hoeing to facilitate aeration. Additionally, consider enriching the soil by incorporating compost, enhancing its fertility. This practice not only fosters plant growth but also aids in retaining moisture, a crucial factor, especially during dry periods.


Effective weed control is crucial for a thriving garden. We recommend employing organic mulches to suppress weeds, creating an environment where they struggle to grow. Promptly removing weeds as soon as they appear is essential to prevent them from competing with your plants for nutrients. This proactive approach ensures your garden remains healthy and nutrient-rich.


To ensure the thriving growth of your plants, it's vital to provide them with essential nutrients. Opt for natural or organic fertilizers to nourish your garden. However, exercise caution and adhere to package instructions to prevent over-fertilization, as excessive use can be detrimental to the health of your plants.


Adapt your watering routine to the specific needs of your region. Coastal areas typically demand more frequent watering due to their drier conditions, while the central plateau may require less. Stay attuned to the seasonal variations and adjust your watering practices accordingly for optimal plant care.

Protection from the sun

When summer arrives, it's crucial to shield your plants from the intense sun. Consider employing protective measures like shade sails or shade cloths, readily available at gardening specialists. Providing your plants with some shade-love during the scorching sun can make a significant difference to their well-being. Don't hesitate to invest in shade sails or cloths – easily accessible at gardening hotspots – for effective sun protection.

The wind

Be mindful of strong winds, particularly during the winter season. If necessary, secure your plants by tying them up to prevent them from drying out. This precautionary measure ensures the well-being of your plants in the face of potentially harsh weather conditions.

Cyclone preparedness

Stay informed about cyclone updates to effectively prepare for potential weather disturbances. Secure your garden by ensuring it is well anchored, and take proactive measures to store an ample supply of water. These precautions will help safeguard your garden against the potential impacts of cyclonic conditions.

Entrust the care of your garden to Espace Maison!

Espace Maison extends a warm welcome at its six stores to assist you with all your gardening projects. Visit us at Trianon, Forbach, Gros Cailloux, Flacq, Bo'Valon, and explore the newly renovated Tamarin store.

How do we equip our gardeners? At Espace Maison, we've got you covered with a diverse selection of tools and equipment tailored for all your gardening needs. Our Gardening and Garden Maintenance section is conveniently divided into seven categories to help you find exactly what you need:

1. Garden tools and equipment: Explore a comprehensive range for soil preparation, plant pruning, cleaning, and more.

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3. Power tools: Simplify your gardening tasks with lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, and more in our Power Tools section.

4. Pots and saucers: Choose from a variety of pots and saucers to plant and display your greenery.

5. Seeds: Turn to our Seeds section for a quality selection to grow your own plants, flowers, and vegetables.

6. Plant care and protection: Look after your plants with care products, including fertilizers, natural pesticides, and disease protection.

7. Rodent and pest control: Explore our control solutions to protect your garden against pests and rodents.

Espace Maison is committed to supporting your gardening journey with a complete lineup of tools, gear, and expert tips. Our stores are ready to welcome and guide you, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned gardener – your garden will thrive like never before!

Discover the newly renovated Espace Maison Cap Tamarin! 

The store has undergone a significant transformation, doubling in size and now offering an optimal selection for home and garden across 4308 m2, including a dedicated Pro space for building professionals. The second phase, scheduled for the first half of 2024, will introduce an additional construction area.

Featuring 20,000 product references, the store showcases more decoration, lighting, a "pet shop" with aquariums and animals, and a new range of aluminum joinery. Espace Maison focuses on supporting local producers and embracing organic options, such as seaweed-based fertilizers. Commercial innovations like Scan & Go, automatic checkouts in 2024, and an updated mobile application for improved warranty and repair tracking are introduced, marking a first in Mauritius. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Espace Maison, established in 2002 in Trianon, now boasts six outlets across the island.