International removals: Moving during a pandemic

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Published on 2020-10-22 at 13:36
The global coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has changed the way all of us go about our day-to-day lives, from how we buy groceries to interacting with loved-ones via the internet. While many might never dream of relocating during a pandemic, let alone if your city is in lockdown – for many, it is unavoidable. 

Moving during the Coronavirus pandemic – What do you need to know?  

Whether you're moving for work reasons, with family, or moving back home across the country or internationally during the Covid-19 pandemic, you need reliable and affordable relocations and removals services. And while social distancing is the natural told otherwise, moves aren't always something that can wait. How does moving during a pandemic work though, and more importantly—are moving services even still available? 

At this point, yes. We have not seen any notable shutdowns of service among major moving companies. That being said, decisions about closures may be left to individual franchise owners.

If you're worried about moving during an pandemic for a move that is still upcoming and for which you haven't scheduled movers, it's hard to say what will and will not be available in the months to come. For now, continue to do research on companies and ask directly what steps are being taken when you reach out.

Use online booking platforms?  

  • Easy, contact-free online booking in a few clicks 

Avoid paperwork – less paperwork, means less contact and we know how important this is, especially now. If you've ever hired a moving company in the past, you'll know how frustrating and unnecessary paperwork can be. When booking relocation services online, you will fill out any necessary form online and you will be informed of any updates, including invoices, on your own dashboard or via email.  

  • World-renowned logistics providers, offering safe and professional pick-up and delivery  

Booking platforms, work with the best in the business. Their fully vetted network of international and domestic logistics providers are still working hard to bring you the best relocations and removals services during the pandemic, carried out according to strict Covid-19 guidelines.  

  • Get your pre-move survey done (remotely)

Usually the first step in getting a quote is to have a Move Consultant visit your home to do a pre-move survey. These days, most of the advanced companies can meet you online and talk to you to understand your plans and how you'd like the move to happen and as well if you have any fragile items.

What should I consider when relocating during a pandemic?  

Preparing for a move during the Covid-19 pandemic certainly involves more planning than before the pandemic. Here are some things you should take into account when preparing to move during a pandemic:  

Shipping paperwork

When booking low-cost shipping and relocation services, most of the process is paper-free, and all completed online platform, minimising your risk of contact during the pandemic. Depending on where you are moving to, you may still be required to print and complete customs or other shipping documents when relocating internationally.


Your goods should always be packed  to ensure safety throughout the journey. Also consider disinfecting the goods before packing, as well as your outside packaging material to prevent the spread of germs. Depending on your household, and your local restrictions, you should limit the number of people assisting you with packing to the prevent the risk of infection. You can look online for some packaging guidelines that can help.

Book early

There could be lots of demand for moving services as restrictions are eased due to the numbers of people who had delayed moves, and the fact that soon we'll be moving into the busy season for removal services. Getting ahead of the game and booking early, or provisionally booking your move in for a later date could be key to avoiding any further delays once moves start happening again.

How do pick-ups and deliveries take place during a pandemic? 

There are a few ways deliveries and collections will be different than usual during a pandemic.  

Package collections and deliveries:  

  • Have your package ready for collection on the ground floor;  

  • Leave the package and any paperwork in front of the courier – try to avoid handing it directly to them; 

  • For deliveries, the courier will most likely leave the package and any paperwork in front of you.  

  • Wear a mask when answering the door, and remember to keep a safe distance at all times. The courier is instructed to keep a safe distance when conducting pick-ups and deliveries. 

  • Disinfect hands afterwards

Freight collections and deliveries:   

  • Disinfect your hands before handling the goods and keep a safe distance from one-another at all times. Wear a mask when interacting with the driver.

What is the most-cost effective way to ship during a pandemic? 

If you need to move a few boxes of belongings during a pandemic, or any time, the best way to do this is by booking standard service with  Eurosender. With the standard shipping, you simply need to know your pick-up and delivery destinations and the dimensions of your packages, to receive an instant price on booking platforms.  

What is the fastest way to ship parcels of belongings to my new home during a pandemic?  

If you need to ship parcels urgently to your new home, send them through express service and have them delivered in as little as 24-72 hours, worldwide!

What is the best way to have my furniture delivered directly to my new home? 

The most direct way to move your furniture and household belongings all at once is to book a van delivery for direct transport across Europe, with no stop-overs. This way, you do not need to share the space in the van for other deliveries, minimising the risk of infection from pick-up to delivery.  

What relocations services do companies offer for large-scale office or home removals during a pandemic?  

If you'll be moving bulkier household items such as furniture or oversized oddly shaped items, you'll need to send your belongings via freight transport on palettes.

How else could COVID-19 affect my move?

The full consequences of COVID-19 aren't known, but there are several ways the pandemic could potentially affect your move:

  • Temporary government orders in the cities you are moving to and from could prevent you from moving.

  • Widespread transmission of COVID-19 and moving company policies could limit the number of workers available to help with your move.

  • Social distancing guidelines could prevent family, friends, and hired labour from gathering in groups of 10 or more and standing within determent distance of each other while loading and unloading your moving truck.

  • An increase in demand can result in hours-long hold times to reach customer service representatives to set up internet services, ask mortgage questions, and possibly even book your movers.

Ready to start planning your move?

Eurosender can arrange relocation services when you are moving during a pandemic, or any time. Reach out to our experts to discuss your storage requirement, and they will be happy to tailor a solution to suit your needs.  

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