How do Panama, the USA or New Zealand sound as expat destinations?

Published 2020-04-09 13:56

If you have decided to leave your home country behind you, there are so many places around the world you could choose instead. Here are some of the best countries you could choose to move to if you are thinking about starting up life as an expat.


You could have any sort of lifestyle you could want simply depending on where you go in the States. Fancy a laid-back life in the sun? A villa in Florida will be just for you; visiting relatives might enjoy quick access to Disneyland too!

For a party that never stops, the only place you can go to is Las Vegas. The bright lights of the casinos and the Strip are always waiting to welcome someone new to their crazy world. Why not head to a casino online to show you what awaits in Vegas? If you prefer something a little calmer, the drizzly Pacific Northwest might have the community spirit you are searching for. Whether you want to embody the life you used to have or you are searching for something fresh and new, there will be a state that has what you are searching for.


For an easy life in the sun, there is nowhere better than Panama. This Central-American country has a somewhat low-cost of living so you might find that your money goes much further here than it would at home. Income tax is also dropped to zero for expats for fifteen years to give you an extra helping hand.

Though Spanish is the official language, many people speak English. With a couple of Spanish lessons on your side, you should have no trouble navigating conversations. You might also want to look into the Pensionado program; expat retirees can sign up for this for many benefits and discounts in key areas like medical care.

New Zealand

Whether you want to stick to the cities of the North Island or you are ready to settle into a remote part of the South Island, New Zealand is a beautiful place to move to. The country is one of the least corrupt and it has the second-lowest crime rate in the world. If you want to spend more time in the great outdoors, this is a fantastic place to do it from.

However, New Zealand does have a very high cost of living. Some creature comforts you take for granted back home like double glazing and central heating aren’t always available. This is one country that you definitely need to fully plan a move to, otherwise you could risk running out of funds fairly quickly.

Any of these three locations could be a great destination for you to move to this year. Choosing to move abroad and take advantage of the expat life can be a big decision but it could offer you a much better quality of life. Is there somewhere you have always dreamed about moving to? Start making plans to move there as soon as possible; before you know it you could be living the expat life!