Australia adds 54 new professions to it's Skilled Occupation Lists

Published 2019-03-11 08:50

Thirty-six professions, including professional footballers and tennis coaches, were added to the Medium and Long-Term Skill Shortage List. 18 have been added to Regional Occupation List and 27 have been removed from the Short Term Skill Shortage List.

By operating these changes, the Australian authorities aim to ensure that the Skilled occupation lists cater to Australia’s economic needs in terms of labour. The Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs, David Coleman has announced the major changes this Monday 11th of March. They include the addition of 18 professions to the Regional Occupation List and 36 professions to the Medium and Long Term Skill Shortage List.

The professions under the Regional Occupation List allow expatriates practicing them to obtain up to four year residence visas in specified regions of Australia. Professions added to the Regional Occupation List include particularly skilled farm jobs such as crop farmers, beef cattle farmers or aquaculture farmer. They also include more skilled jobs such as dentists and anaesthetists. The full list is available below.

Expatriates in professions listed under the Medium and Long-Term Skills Shortage Lists will also be eligible for residency and four year stay and ultimately for permanent residence. New professions added to this list include footballers and tennis coach which comes as a relief to the Australian sports industry. But it also includes a plethora of other professions from economists to engineers and metallurgists. The full list is also available below.

Several professions have also been removed from the Short Term Skill Shortage List.

36 occupations added to the Medium and Long-Term Skills Shortage List:

Arts Administrator or Manager  

Dancer or Choreographer

Music Director

Artistic Director

Tennis Coach


Environmental Manager  

Musician (Instrumental)



Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum

Petroleum Engineer

Engineering Professionals nec


Food Technologist

Environmental Consultant

Environmental Research Scientist

Environmental Scientists nec



Life Scientist (General





Marine Biologist



Life Scientists nec




Natural and Physical Science Professionals nec

University Lecturer

Multimedia Specialist

Software and Applications Programmers nec

Horse Trainer

18 occupations added to the Regional Occupation List:

Aquaculture Farmer

Cotton Grower

Fruit or Nut Grower

Grain, Oilseed or Pasture Grower (Aus)/field crop grower (NZ)

Mixed Crop Farmer

Sugar Cane Grower

Crop Farmers nec

Beef Cattle Farmer

Dairy Cattle Farmer

Mixed Livestock Farmer

Deer Farmer

Goat Farmer

Pig Farmer

Sheep Farmer

Livestock Farmers nec

Mixed Crop and Livestock Farmer