Cleaning maid /hourly employee in Shenzhen

Hello New comers in Shenzhen,

                                This is Ashley  now living & working in Shenzhen City.

                                 I have many connections in Shenzhen housework agencies,if you need to hire a cleaning maid or hourly employees ,I would like give you some contact INFO.

                                 If you are interested in ,kindly send me a PM.

                                 Also,I'd like to  practice my oral English with those who are also seeking for native chinese speaker to practice their mandarin.


H Ashley,

Your English is very good. I am glad that you can offer AiYe services to expats.  However, the "Forum" is not the best place to do so.  Please post in the "Classified" section and maybe the "Business Directory" section.  That will probably be the best thing for you to get clients. 

Best of luck! Let's hope that the "Year of the Dog" helps make your business grow bigger and bigger this up coming new year!

Hi Vannrox,

Thanks for the suggestion.

Actually,I just want to help someone that they may have  such needs here in Shenzhen .

The truth is that I'm working in a company offering Printed circuit boards & related products.

I'm here   cause I'm seeking to find a  reliable language learning partner.

Hopefully I could  finaly find someone here who would like to help me and in return,I can teach her some daily used Chinese.

That's it

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