How to check iqama number from passport

Hi All,

i moved to saudi last month . but my kafeel did not give me my iqama yet . He is saying that my iqama is made in the system but not yet printed. i dnot understand  this logic??. Can some one tell me how and where to check my my iqama number by puting my passport number.

i check on … quiry.aspx and it says i am On the job - The facility permits valid.

but is there any other site where i can put my passport number and get my iqama number so i can make account on

Thank you.

If you're shown as "On Job" in MoL website, your iqama has been issued.
Unfortunately no easy way to find  out the iqama number. Wait for a few days for iqama to arrive.

Hi I am irshad 5years before I came to india from saudi jeddah prison. now I got a new work visa. Again can I go to saudi? if possible ?

my border no is 42890***
my passport no is AE702***
my iqama issued or not?if issued?pls send me iqama number or suggest

Hi im new here saudi,just almost 4months but untill now my employer never get me iqama  im so confused as i think im illegal here alredy...and if that so which better i go back my kafeel not good also the im very worried pls help me or someone can advise me that i know as im new here saudi..

From philippine..tq

Plz brother my name muhammad **l my passport no AU7590** plz check my iqqama made or not plz reply

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I come with my 12 friends in saudi on work visa first time before 1.5 month and friends iqqama made in 15 days and staff say about my iqqama some problem in my figure print but he sy no problem kafeel make iqqama few days no problem.then I will check ur reply and check on mol website with my passport number AU759*** status show "on the job" and facaloty valid, and "Green Low" show on below screen. plz I don't understand and confused about this.plz explain me really really really thanxfull to u.
sir plz.

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Can anyone plz provide any link through which i can check wether my iqama is issued or not. MOL site has been upgraded and old links are not working.

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