Marrying egyptian man

Hi, im a 21 yo woman from indonesia. I've had relationship with egyptian man for several years. He told me he wanted to marry me when im old enough (we think 21 yo is enough to marry). He is 24 yo from egypt but he was sent to kuwait for his job. At this age, he told me he was ready to marry me and going to visit me soon here in indonesia. But the weird thing is he won't let his family knows about this marriage, because his culture (he said several egyptian families still have this culture) won't let him marrying foreigner. And that means he cant marry me according to his culture. He already talked to their parents about this multicultural marriage but still his parents refuse this. And i told him, he should introduce me to his parents because if not, my parents won't either agree on this marriage. And i find this super weird because i never heard about this culture before, im afraid he will take advantage of me by marrying me without his family knowing. My question is "is what he said even true?". If he lied about this weird culture, can you tell me what reason he did that? Thank you all!! Much love from me

Is he married?
It wouldn't be a shock to find out he's after a contract marriage, basically a temporary sex licence.

I could well be harsh here but consider the possibility.

There's nothing in our culture that says that dear. It's ur right to have a decent and healthy marriage and to be proud of it in front of the whole word not to hide urself..

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