Bangkok vs Thailand

Has any one noticed the general mood of the Thai public in Bangkok compared to the rest of the country? Big subject with alot of reasons why, bit just to simplify it people in the south and north are so much more friendly in my humble opinion...

Not sure what the numbers are but a fair percentage of people living in Bangkok were not born there.  Living in a huge metropolitan area like Bangkok is always going to be different to living in a small rural town, even when you are essentially dealing with the same people.  The pace is faster and there is more competition in Bangkok.  In the big city people don’t always have the time to be in awe of foreigners and fawn all over us.

Poor villagers are more apt to show deference because of a sometimes erroneous assumption that Farangs are of a higher social class and wealthy.  In the city they may not have the time or the interest unless their job requires them to be interested in us.

Personally I find my Bangkok friends lead more interesting lives and are much more interesting to talk with.

Yes indeed I agree with the individual Thai friends I have are very interesting here.

Don't get me wrong I am not looking for people to be in awe of my foreign presence lol

Its indeed a Big City thing, in the UK i came from the seaside City of Brighton which is so multicultural and never actually lived in London or away from the sea where everyone has more reason to be happy in everyday life during the summer. I did always notice the same vive in London and it saddens me what the big city does to people with the dog eat dog mentality.

PS - I have emailed so many jobs via this website with no avail of replies, not even when i am just making an enquiry rather than applying for the job its self.. any ideas why

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