Martial arts in Ho Chi Minh

Hello there,
I saw you had been training MMA, so what about doing Brazilian JiuJitsu (they use it in mma fight, isn't ?). There are several places in Saigon to train, but I don't know where you live so it is difficult for me to recommend one.

Nevertheless, I train at the Saigon Luta Livre club in D3. I't really cool I recommend you to come and try one class at least =D

Anyway, good luck in your research to find a good place to train !

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a place in D2 (Thao Dien Ward would be great) to do a martial art. Viet Vo Dao if possible.

Can anyone recommend a place in particular ?

There's Muy Thai and Taekwondo in Phu My Hung at Sky Garden.

Check out my buddy erick really nice guy and awesome teacher

Anybody know a place where I can practise Taekwondo, Wing Tsun or Judo?
Have plenty of time after work and can drive to D1, D3 and Binh Thanh (near the zoo though).


You can go to Body Shape in D2 for Taekwando, ITF. I can personally recommend Mariusz. He's awesome.

You can check out Optimistart MMA:
They have Muay Thai, BJJ, and MMA classes taught by authentic martial arts instructors. They are located in The Vista Walk at District 2, about 5 minutes drive from Thao Dien. :cheers:

Hi, I am an ITF Taekwon-Do instructor. Have been training for over 25 years and teaching for nearly 20 years.
Would be happy to assist you. Give me a call if you wish to talk more about it.
Mariusz Steckiewicz

hello. returning to an old and seemingly unanswered post. Does anyone know of where FMA (filippino martial arts. ie Kali) is offered here in hcmc? ty

Sawadeekrap/ xin chao Muay,

Iv just moved to HCMC 3 days ago from Australia to be with my Vn future wife and I want to find a Muay Thai fight camp or training facility. I used to train (mainly to keep fit) at Sinbi Muay thai,Phuket and hopefully can find something similar. Not interested in other, Just MT. Only place iv found so far:

Optimistart in District 2

Sorry, I don't know of any. I,m doing boxing and kickboxing at Star Fittnes, located in Manor Residence in Binh Thanh district. Not much sparring so I don't think you'd be interested. They do have karate and grappeling too. You can get a free three day pass and check it out if your interested and possibly talk with some of the Vietnamese student, they may know where there is Muay Thai..

There is supposed to be a gym in Chinatown with eveything, but I could never find it.

Good luck,


Hello everyone, i am coming in HCMC in few days and i would like to practice Kravmaga. Do you know a place where i can go ?


You seem to have an adress to learn Tai Chi Chuan, isn'it ?
I'd be grateful if you could tell me more about this

You should maybe check this website :
It's a korean/vietnamese taekwondo club and they don't practice on concrete ground, but in a usual Dojo.
The staff warmly welcomed me on facebook

sagion sports club.
Body shape

Hi, im a student coming to Ho chi minh city (Saigon), vietnam soon for a trip as part of my architecture course project and want to know all the places in ho chi minh where i can train in traditional vietnamese martial arts/vovinam, i'm also thinking about doing a study of and designing a vietnamese martial arts center/martial arts center in HCM for my project. Can you guys recommend and list all the traditional vietnamese martial arts/vovinam centers in ho chi minh for me to go to? please



Hey, Good are you still there in Ho Chi Minh ? Next year April or May I will be doing a day JKD workshop in HCMC.

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