Your English School Fahaheel and Cambridge English School thoughts?


My kids will be arriving shorty and up until now I had been planning on sending them to the British School of Kuwait.  Recently I've seen threads from new teachers who will be teaching at the CES and ESF so I was wondering if any of you would mind sharing your thoughts and opinions on the two places?  (Of course opinions from Parents of Students who attend the schools would also be welcome)

My eldest child will be 5, so he'd be starting Kindergarten.


Quick edit for more info:  I'm an American living in Mangaf

I just started teaching at CES in Hawally, so far so good.
Most teachers are English native speakers, they should be fine

Interestingly enough to imply most are English native speakers does not mean they are English or indeed British. One school has been open for almost 50 years( and in the hands of the same family) and received national and international recognition for their IGCSE results , the other has an intercontinental approach to its staffing , is part of a larger business that has been taken over. If you want to make a comparison walk around the sultan centre at say 9am and see how many absconders from the one school there are

On top of that, if someone is a native speaker, it doesn't mean that he/she is a good teacher either. :)

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