Arabic Lessons

Good morning,
I'd like to take an entry level Arabic course, to be able to understand basics of the spoken language.
I'd be thankful, if anyone can point out an effective coach, school, or group.

That is very awesome!   :proud

Even if just a few words and sentences for now is good.

I do own a book I'll send you the name once I find it.

It's best to begin for now with numbers like from 1 to 10 and some basic words :)

For instance:

Hello  Gowa/Marhaba/Salam
Bye     Maa Elsalama
Yes   Ee/Na'am
No     La'a
Why     Laish
How much   Cham?

1  wahid
2 athnain
3 thalatha
4 arba'aa
5 khamsa
6 seta
7 saba'a
8 themanya
9 tes'a
10 ashraa

I think numbers will help best for now esp at gas stations and when you are in the markets and you hear the annoying "Dinar wo noos" from the sellers  :D

Dinar ofc 1KD
"wo" (and)
nos (HALF:  1/2KD)

That's all that I can think of.. for now.

P.S: Gowa is much more like "Hey" so I wouldn't want to greet someone with Gowa in formal situations.. lol.

Hope it helps!

BTW I'd really concentrate on learning the #s as soon as possible because unfortunately foreigners do get overcharged here (even us citizens) but foreigners in my opinion waaaay more..

You always need to ask "Cham?"  :/
Then always disagree on whatever price they give you  :dumbom: and say my friend bought it for like blah and blah.. so on. Ofc obviously this goes for local markets heh

I hope I didn't get too carried away from the subject. But I really like different languages. *grin*

In my case English is definitely my favorite language :) I even watch movies with English subtitles instead of Arabic.

Anyways.. that's it.

Ma'a Elsalama! *waves*

Hello Dana, thanks for free lessons # 1 & 2 !
I've gotta start somewhere.
I also like languages but Arabic is a whole different ball game... nothing close to saxon or latin derivates.
I will get ther sometimes...and thanks for the tips on how not to get ripped off.
Fortunately I come from a rip off country and I lived in many others, so I'm a bit street wise ;)
Keep the lessons coming !

Hello friends,

I am an Arabic lover, learnt it and taught it for years, I offer free Skype tutorials, only two conditions apply:

a) You need to be serious and dedicated.

b) Be prepared to learn Arabic Alphabets, I am afraid  there is no short cut.

:)  :)

yes please, I m interesting. I m french  and dedicated to learn arabic. Thanks

I am happy that I could help.  :)

At some point in my life, I got so interested in Japan and its culture (no, I do not watch any Anime nor read Manga. Ironically..) but the country itself fascinates me and whenever I watch their movies I always wonder and think to myself, "He said all of that.. seriously? But it was a short sentence. Or maybe 1 long word.. How come!?"

Well I gave up of course  :sosad:

Then I got interested in German but unfortunately I didn't find the time nor the energy to learn it any further. But I do know some basic sentences and #s. But it is still a favorite language of mine right after English ofc. I like how it is much closer to English.. like wasser is water, ich  i, and so on..

But my ultimate love will always be English ofc  :up:

Anyways I'm glad you found the lessons useful! Hopefully you will learn way beyond the basics in the near future! I will keep searching for the book and will comment as soon as I find it.

Good luck~

Much appreciated Dana...looking forward to hear from you soon.
Meanwhile I printed the sheet which I will study daily.

Also I forgot to mention

How are you    Eshlonik

But if it's for a female it must end with "ich" at the end instead of "k" (male)

But don't think about this just yet..

Alrighty! Have a wonderful day~

Easy lesson for now:

Say you went to the gas station, and you want to get fuel for the car with 4KD. It goes like this,

"Salam. Arbaa' Dananeer, shokran."

Translating to,

Salam -- Hello
Arbaa'  #4

Dananeer (is the plural of Dinar)

Shokran -- thank you.

Then when you are done and you finish paying say, "Ma Elsalama." meaning Goodbye.


Next lesson how to bargain, hah!

Gowa!  (Hey!)

This is the book, it's called Speak Kuwaiti:

It even comes with a CD!

Copied from their website:
(P.S: Please note I am copying everything from their website!)

- 150 pages
– Over 4,000 Audio Clips
– User friendly layout
– For basic & advance level
– 600 sentences divided into sections
– Vocabulary section of 1000 words
– Full Arabic-to-English transliteration

It is 3KD ONLY without the CD.
5KD with the CD included :)

Here are some samples:

You will find the book in the following places:

-Al-Jarir Bookstore (Hawally)
-Q8Books (Bayt Lothan)
-Ibn Nafees Book Stall (Marina Mall - Bridge)
-Lu&Lu Hyper Market (Al-Rai)
-Al-Eshraaf Bookshop (Fahaheel) (For ordering Online)

For more info please check

Good LUCK!~

Awesome. ... thanks Dana ....

You're welcome.

There is an arabic class in mahboula block 2 every saturday 5-8PM. It's a once a week class by a Pakistani teacher for 10kd for the whole 3 months session. I'm going there tomorrow saturday, it'll be the 3rd week, but I'm sure you will catch up. They just started with pronouncing and familiarizing with the alphabets.

If you are interested, send me a PM, and when I get there tomorrow I can take a picture of their pamplets, and send it to you or you can call them, I have their number. Or better yet, I can give you directions on how to get there. I was already in that class last year but didn't finish it,and couple weeks ago they called me if I want to continue with the lessons, free of charge this time,as I've already paid the last time. They give out little booklets for basic words, writing, basic grammar, teacher gives assignments to take home. You will be able to memorize and recognize  the alphabet even on the first day, coz the teaching technique is repititive, and imo that is good for adults like us. If you questions, juat ask.

I can teach write and read Arabic as first level in 4 lessons only.

Welcome, Pepe.  :)

Thank you Dana!

You are welcome.  :)

I know this is historic post but have you got any further details bout this course? Is it still ongoing?

Hello ,

Are you still offering free Arabic courses?



I am really interested in improving my spoken Arabic. I can read and write and I am able to follow the Arabic script. However, I really need practice with the vocabulary and daily conversation.

Appreciate very much if you could provide me these lessons!

Thank you

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