Urgent-15000 aed per month is worth for a single person in abu dhabi

Hi Folks,

I got the offer from a bank in Abu Dhabi and it is 15000 aed/month so is it a good salary for a single person having 5 years of experience into DBA field. The main thing is i have to pay for accomodation, fooding, transport from office to flat. only health insurance is covered.

Thanks in advance. Please share your views its very urgent

Hi Sahil392, I think that 15,000aed/mo is ideal for a single person living in a studio or sharing an apartment. Can range between 1,000 for a shared room up to 3,000 for your own room or studio per month. Sometimes it's nice to have a flatmate, some ask for rent monthly. You can share their kitchen appliance and washing machine so you don't have to buy your own immediately. If you want to live on your own, be careful with the payment terms as most landlords want the full year payment in advance otherwise the rent can be paid in 2, 3 or 4 cheques per year.
It's also best to find accommodation near your place of work so your taxi or transport cost won't be so high. Check the housing section of the forum or check Dubizzle.com , there's thousands of listing for flatmates and second-hand cars.
Food cost depends on where and what you like to eat. You can spend between 500 to 1000 a week if you like eating out. If you cook your own food it will be relatively cheaper to do so.
Phone and electricity/water bills can range from 300 to 500 per month. If you leave your a/c on all day, everyday, it will go to 1000 to 2000 per month.
So there are a lot of ways to save and spend your hard earned money, but overall I think that salary offer is good for starters. I'm sure you will get bonuses and increments in the years to come. All the best!

Thanks a lot :) for the valuable suggestions, It is really very informative.

For a single status 15k is good

it all depends on you how enough you want it to be. generally speaking AD lifestyle is easier than dubai in many ways. so its should be enough... take it.


Could you please share what is the ideal salary in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, for Test Lead with 10 years of experience. I am married and having a 4 years old kid. Is 15,000 AED enough? I need to manage accommodation, schooling and other regular expenditure.

Thanks in anticipation.

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