Festivals in Egypt

Hello everyone,

What are the main festivals in Egypt? Are there art, food, music, film, or other festivals expats can attend and participate in?

When do the festivals take place? How long does each festival usually last?

What activities go on during the festival? Is it necessary to buy tickets?

Are there any other events that take place in Egypt that shouldn't be missed?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


The main problem of any festival or event in egypt is how they are organise , Moreover scamming and frauds specially with tourists.
So please take care and go with someone you can trust . I advise you to follow a group called : I'm Happy Project @
It's the best for expats i met a lot of of expats there and hangout in groups many times .. There's an event everyweek and all of them are respect the rules of the group , you could see the reviews on meetup & on the fb page too .. hope you find out egypt well. And always take care

Are you currently in Egypt or you want to visit?

There are many festival,  some for Muslim,  some for Christian and some for both,
Annually 2 feasts for Muslim,  4 or 5 for cristian,  but we share all

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