Italian girl with a dream in her mind.

Hello everyone! :cheers:
My name is Valentina, I am an Italian girl, I still live in Italy (I was born not far from Genoa, in a small village overlooking the Ligurian Sea  and bordering France) but in September I will live in Spain near Estepona.
I studied Advertising Graphics, Classical Arts and Digital Color, Creative Writing, Illustration / Cartoon, Communication, Visual Communication, Body Language. Over the last two years I have been dealing with the relationship industry as Matchmaker. I have a new project in the field of Digital Services in the Coaching / Relationships ... for this reason I have decided to close my business in Italy and migrate to another country!

Spain will be my next home, but not definitive, because my dream is living in Gibraltar!
The first time that I saw it I fell in love with this small state that "tends to hand" to Africa ... is absolutely fascinating!
I would like to start a new life in Gibraltar, so I'm looking for any kind of work that will allow me to move there and of course ... new friends!  ;)

Life does not "taste" without  good friends to share time!
I would like to make new international friendships and I know that Gibraltar is a "cauldron" of different cultures and religions and this is fantastic for me!
I am a very tolerant and open minded person ... and as good Italian, I love to cook (especially for my friends), read and write, I like to paint, draw, create small handmade objects / jewelry.

In Italy I did drawing / painting / sculpture lessons, lessons to improve self-esteem, also through the use of different types of meditation / readings / concentrations / exercises.

I love animals and I was also Dog Sitter ... I have a BIG dog calles Achille but unfortunately he will not come with me because he is too big for enter in my suitcase  :D
Let's keep in touch and good luck to all of you!


I'm looking forward to meet you! You look like an amazed and amazing person!
See ya

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