Kuwait Newbie Teacher

I worked in Saudi before Kuwait, I didn't apply for anything from the UK, the school arranges for residency in Kuwait.

Do you guys know when your arrivals will be?

Let me know by date, so i could help out a little bit

I'll arrive after one week :)

Nice! I added you, so when you arrive we can try meeting up

Would love some free coffee as well! 🙈

Should arrive 25th / 26th

undoubtedly you have made the right decision financially, though I understand how daunting it can be. The big plus is you will not be expected to jump through the hoops that exist in UK teaching today. You will  also amass a large sum of money  quickly though Kuwait and the middle eastern lifestyle isn't for everybody.
Just message if have specific questions

Hello everyone
I'm David from England and i am arriving probably around the 26th of August. Happy to meet new teachers.
Thanks for your reply

Alright, you guys all arrive. Dont worry about the coffee. I got you covered. On the house!

How about we set a gathering date at my coffee place when everyone arrives?
(Just a suggestion)

I'm in for that . Absolutely. Please list me already

Me too! Count me in ☺️ Would love to meet other teachers.

Let's go 😊😊👍😎

Sounds like a plan

I'll arrive 5th of September.
For me it's ok.

Someone choose the place :)

I'm up for that
Where about?

I arrive on 6th :)

Did everyone arrive? I kinda waited out until september so everyone wouldve arrived

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