Looking for travel buddy! June 3rd - 17th

Hi, My name is Eric, 25 years old, I am from Dutch-Japanese/Korean background

and I am planning to visit Kuala Lumpur this June.

I have booked a flat and a car for full 2 weeks, but I will be on my own,

and have no idea about Malaysia,

I would like to drive around Malaysia and try new foods and wander around.

however, I don't have any friends so I might be in a bit awkward situation

I have traveled around but never been alone all by myself.

so if anybody is planning to visit Kuala Lumpur, let's hang out!


Hi Eric,

Welcome on board  :)

Try posting an advert in the Kuala Lumpur classifieds under the Travel Partners section of the website so that your search may benefit from a maximum visibility.

All the best,

Hello,  i have been there 2 weeks ago..the 1st time i arrived in malaysia i fell in love with the beauty of the city..the food are really amaZing..visit the jalan alor at night.. :) planning to go back next next week :)

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