Thai Community in KL

Does somebody know about a thai community in KL?

Many Thai in Beachclub / Thaiclub  :D But depends what you mean by Thai community. Never met a Thai expat except one indian Thai who was super rich setting up garments factory

Hey. Thai here :D

yeah i would like to meet some thai in malaysia and hangout so i can speak some thais !!!!

Hit me Up just drop me a Massage


Im no Thai.. but if you wanna speaks some thai, I have thai friends. I would love to have you as mediator for translating me for communicate with my thai friends.

hey, It's good for both aite? btw how good is your thai language?  :/  ;)

let's exchange contact number and plan for meet up, i can arrange my thai friend too ;p

Hey Diya18,
You're not Thai!? That's cool. What's your nationality?
You have many Thai friends? That's awesome 🙆!

Well, my home is in Thailand. And Thai is my first language  ;) 
Hope to hear from you ya
Have a great time

Hello Janezainw, 😊

Im Malaysian, lives in KL.. I have known few thai friends only.. Unfortunately we doesnt communicate well due to language barrier. It will be fun if i know some other thai friends who can speak both language and enjoy the communication right.. :)

Sounds great to hear from you.. Anyway if you interested for meet up or any further activities, you can PM me :)

come lets Meetup for a drink . so we can learn from each other . ><

i;m also practicing my thai, hope to know you guys too to practice my thai a little.

come come let share .

Hi, I'm Thai live in Cyberjaya!


I'm Thai and have just moved here from HK with my boyfriend, very bored during the days when he is at work and really looking to meet some girl friends any nationalities to hang out with, I also speak Cantonese


Count me in too

Hi Kelvin.. I'm unable to reply your message in private message.. Anyway, you can reply to my email,**************

We can exchange info there

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Hi there,

A very good day to you. Thai people are every where in Malaysia and that depends what kind of people you want to meet. My personal advice will be if you are staying around kl area , you can go to Buddhist Temple at Jalan Gasing,
Petaling Jaya over the weekend.

Ah you mean wat chetawan iziit  . I been there with my mentor before . Hahaha

I'm local and I think thai language is the most beautiful. (my own opinion).

I think every language has its own uniqueness. And all of them are beautiful 😊

Hi I'm from Thailand happy to know that hope to see your guy soon

Hey Mod,
Glad to meet country mate here
How are you doing here in KL?
We all should host a meet up soon!

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Do you consider part time as well? 😄

Count me in if you're having a meet up :)

Looking for Thai Native Speakers to work in Customer Service.

Hey Audrey,
I'm Jane from Thailand. I am Thai, I do speak Thai.
Came across your post that you are hiring.
So here I am highly interested.
I don't always often here you can mail me ***

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

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Jane, sent :)

This forum seems not active but worth to try😅
I'm seeking friends who speak thai.
My thai language level is
Seeking friends who want to learn thai language together.

Hi i am foong, I From malaysia
I very intresting to have more thai friend and learn more about thai language
If possible can u email me or fb add me than me make a friend.. khob Khun krub
Fb = chee foong
Email = ***

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Hi All,

I just arrived in KL recently to start work here. I'm originally from Thailand and can speak Thai. Looking to make some Thai friends around here as well as non-Thai. I'm also looking for local friend who can show me around KL!

Hi there..
I am local.. i will be able to show you around Kl and other nice places.. where do you stay rite Now? Keep me informed on what are your needs.. i have all contacts that you will be needing.. or call me at ****


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I can speak Thai and am local. I would like to fluent my Thai speaking skill.. perhaps we can exchange contact and group up to learn and speak Thai..

hi, i am looking for ppl who read thai for a short term data entry job (1 month project). anyone interested to practise their ability to understand the language?

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hi Janezainw, greetings from Azwa. Are you currently staying in Kuala Lumpur? Currently im doing a research project and looking for 600 Thai people to cooperate and participate.

Can i have your telephone number so i can call you?

Or maybe you can call me/Tracy at (**

Have a good day and thank you.

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please acount me since Il like Thai Food

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