Vietnamese community in Kualar Lumpur, where are you?

Hello Everyone,
I am Vietnamese here,I've just moved to KL. I wish to make friend with friendly and helpful people. I am reliable friend.

I am quite free at this moment, i can help someone in my ability.

Appreciate if you drop me a line to have a meeting in KL- i am living in KLCC area -pokcode 50250

Hi kimsaigon and welcome to!

How is it going in Kuala Lumpur?
Are you there for work?;)


It's nice weather here.
KL is very busy city!
I am hunting jobs here. It's expected to work or to study :)

For the job, you're looking in which sector?;)

HI Harmonie,
Appreciated if you can help me some recruitment agencies that are for foreigners not for local Malaysian as they are doing in this KL at the moment.
I have degree in Management ( marketing); I have worked in Furniture industry about 8-9 years. I used to work in supper market-cashier in europe-portugal about 20 months. I 've just moved here to look for jobs such as customer care- vn speaker; book keeper; furniture shops; call center... in KL especially jobs in postcode ares 50250; 50450...
Best Regards,
KIm Tham

Hello kimsaigon,

have you already check our jobs section; jobs in Kuala Lumpur?

Best of luck :)

Hi Melisa,
I have hunted around the link you gave me.
Thanks anyway!

hello kim, hows the job search so far?

Happy New Year!
I had job which seemed god but I couldn't accept more due to far away

well kim..glad to hear that you have a job already. Best wishes to you.

Xin chÓo thế nÓo lÓ bạn !! just wondering where can i find vietnamese coffee & Saigon Beer  in KL ? Really miss it to the core !!!

There is a Saigon bar at Doraisamy Street own by Saigon Ladies...

Chao Kim , minh ten la Trang vua tot nghiep dai hoc tai KL...hien dang o PWTC ..rat vui dc lam quen

biannitrang :

Chao Kim , minh ten la Trang vua tot nghiep dai hoc tai KL...hien dang o PWTC ..rat vui dc lam quen

Hi !

Im not vietnamese

But we can hangout sometimes if you want

By the way welcome here!!!

u are Japanese right?..where are u stay now?

hi.. Can frd with u?

I would like to visit VN soon, wish to learn some Vietnamess.

biannitrang :

u are Japanese right?..where are u stay now?

Nope, im a Filipina

Im from philippines

I stay in kl sentral

And you?

hai am also not a vietnamese

but we will hang around during weekends ping me sfchang ur details

we will meet

Hi everyone, how's  all Vietnamese people doing in Malaysia ?

Awfully Quiet i think !

very much quiet... I bet!!!

how  r  u

i am wail , i expatriate here in malaysia , i am in KL

i am looking to found a friend from this website

i working here in a travel agency as a seals manager

i am that kind of people who work hard , i like working

but i when i am in off day , i like to enjoy every moments

i hope i can found somebody share with me,

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That is great. I am going to move to malaysia after Tet holiday. May need you guys' help when I get there about culture and other things.
Lets keep in touch :)

Hi I am a graduate with 1 year work experience and proficient English language skills, I am also looking for a job in KL. Atm Im still in Vietnam and applying for jobs that requires vietnamese language. Nice to know you all and hope we can be friends.

Hi All,

Im also Vietnamese, I've just moved to KL 2 weeks ago, and I'm living at Titiwangsa, nice to meet you all!
Hope we can hang out sometimes.

welcome to Kuala Lumpur , how do you find it so far ?

@MoneyChaser: I found it from website

I'm not sure if this is the correct channel but i'm looking for an affordable way to learn Vietnamese. I started youtubing vids on vietnamese language but I'd like to watch viet drama as well.

Any idea where i can find vietnamese drama online with english subtitle?

I really love a girl from vietnam. We've been communicating using Mandarin and both of us are pretty weak in it. sometimes we had to use google translate for assist.

It would be great if i could surprise her 1 day when i can utter a simple vietnamese sentence >.<

Vietnamese class is not cheap. It's even more expensive than learning japanese.

Hello Jasonzschang,

Welcome to  :cheers:

If it helps, you can look for someone who is interested in language exchange. For instance you can offer English classes in exchange for vietnamese. This might help to gain some basic conversational skills in vietnamese.

We do have a dedicated section for language exchange and you could drop an advert there: Language exchange in Kuala Lumpur

Good luck


Good morning.

My name is Marzhan, and im from Kazakhstan. I am working in Kuala Lumpur in healthcare (hospital).

I am looking for Vietnamese community in Malaysia or in Kuala Lumpur.

I am interested in Vietnamese culture/tradition.and i dont mind to learn vietnamese language.  I am planning to travel to Vietnam so i want to have an idea about the country.

I am new in this website.

I hope you guys can help me.

thank you.


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