Seeking Filipino and Malay friends in KL

Hi Everyone,
I am new to KL and I am from Australia. I am studying here and am here for an exchange.
I live in Sunway so if you are close by then its a bonus.

I am friendly, down to earth, out-going, open-minded and wanna meet/socialize with new people who are like-minded.
If you wanna know more about me feel free to shoot me a message and we can possibly catch up for a cuppa soon.


you can contact me if you are looking for filipino friends..would love to have more friends in kl

Thank you for replying. I would love to meet new Filipino friends.
I live in Sunway and I have been here just over two weeks now.
Do you close by ?

Sorry I meant do you live close to Sunway ?
Also pass me your whatsapp(if you use), it will be more easier and convenient to use.

im having my phone fix...*** is my viber

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I got it and have messaged you on viber :)

If I were looking for filipino friends, i'd head to any church on Sunday. For malay friends, that will happen all by itself over time. Just stay open to opportunities when they arise. They will.

how bout those filipinos that have no religion like me...not all filipinos are in church..

I don't understand people reply and exchange contact details then disappear... ? lol

Hi I'm local here. You can contact me. Im stay nearby to Sunway. Thanks. asyik and im a malay lady

Good to hear.

Hi Nice to hear from you and good to hear that you are live nearby.
What days are you usually to meet up then ?

Asyik : asyik and im a malay lady

I think I replied at the wrong end.
Good to hear from you. So you also live close to Sunway or in Sunway then ?

Not so close....but within reach by lrt...

Or head over to Kota Raya on Sundays and you will find many Filipinos at the Remittance Centres and the Ukay Ukay shops.
Unfortunately there isn't any Jollibee Fast Food in Malaysia otherwise you will be swarmed by thousands of Pinay and Pinoy ;)
And if  you want to befriend with a  Filipino in Singapore, Lucky Plaza is like SM Mall, Horizon Plaza or Nepo Mall.
As for me, I will probably be swarmed by hundred of thousand of Filipinos when I am in Manila this Friday.
Pasalubong  anyone?   ;)

Asyik :

Not so close....but within reach by lrt...

Oh that's cool !! Do you want to exchange number if you are interested to meet up for a chat ?

My whatsApp ***

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