Anzac Day Dawn Service

Maybe next year could organize something for fellow Aussies and New Zealanders living in Cairo to commemorate our special day

Hi Lynneroy2002,

Thank you for the suggestion. There is a section dedicated to events, meetups : Events in Cairo

Next year, perhaps you could create a thread on the forum (2 - 3) weeks in advance and see how members respond. If there are several members interested, a nice event can be organised to commemorate the ANZAC Day Dawn Service.

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Actually, it would be better if dedicated a calendar for ALL expat up and coming events
Living outside of ones own country it is sometimes difficult to join in memorial days and dates due to the time differences etc.
Also it would be great to hear and join other expats celebrate their memorial days. Consulates lack the desire to promote their countries special calendar days and dates, which, in my opinion is part of their obligation to their citizens. Here in Egypt (at least I haven't heard of any) the  broadcasting networks do not provide any outside knowledge of what is happening OS. One has to go to CNN or BBC etc
I know this is not a problem of but it would, as I said be good if there was more contribution by yr company togive expats the "up" on coming events. It's sometimes difficult to find where various activities are held to commemorate special dates.  As a busy person I (And I am sure many other expats do also) am sometimes guilty of neglecting my own "roots"
If I have missed this resource I apologise

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