Looking for friends

Hey guys,
I moved to Saigon (district 3) a month ago and I feel very lonely. I came from Germany for a volunteering job in a school but I think it's very hard to find new people out here.
I'm looking for some nice people to meet, drinking a coffee or beer and having a great time. Maybe you have some tips for activities or whatever. I'm open for every helpful advice!
Or do you have any recommendations for good places to meet nice people?
Please help meeeee!
Thank you very much!!

Hi ,

i am Long, cần call me Thomas. nice to meet you. I am working in Bình Dương, away from saigon 30 minutes. i am happy to hear you come all the way to vietnam for volunteer.

i have some relatives in saigon . sometime i come to saigon, saigon is biggest city in vietnam and good for discovering and nice city.

hope we can catch up one day.

thank you


Hey, nice to meet you too :)
I'd love to hang out with someone. Maybe it's possible to meet up sometime


I will come to saigon on this friday, if you are available so I will meet you somewhere near your place for cafe or something. Then hope I can help you for what you want to know about vietnam and saigon, I have studied at university and living there for nearly 20 years.

Have a good night.

Hey. Sounds very good but I won't be here for the weekend. But maybe we can meet um in the next week...

Hi, also looking to meet some nice people for nice conversation over a coffee / beer. Pls leave comments here or text me when you guys are free / planning to meet at some point. Thanks.

Hey. I'm not in Saigon untill Tuesday but after that I'd like to do something

How long you will stay in HCMC?

For a year

if you haven't tried yet, check out meetup dot com.  you can find several meetup events around town that include foreigners/expats and locals.  another popular spot on saturdays only is the saigon soul pool party at the new world hotel in Q1.  Usually packed with foreigners/expats but locals also come.  They have a facebook page (google it!).

Hi Carlotcalina,
Wellcome to Ho Chi Minh city.
I'm Minh Lam. I'm living in Binh Thanh district. I usually free after work hours. I want to improve my  English skill. I would like to invite you take a cup of coffe if you have free time!

Thank and best regard!

Hi Carlottalina,

I just moved to District 3 and keen to grab a coffee or a beer with some friendly faces in my spare time if you're still keen :)


do u like rock climbing ? come with me and my friends to join this ?
we often  go to d2 to rock climbing for one time a week. and let me know if you are interested .

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Hi, wish you will find some friends soon, there is one meetup plat platform for international minded people called InterNations, they have several events each and every month in HCMC , join the interNations and meet the people in person and enjoy the friendship.



I would like to make some friends in HCMC and learn more about the Vietnamese culture. i'm sure we have alot to share.

Hey Bianca,
Sorry I didn't answer for such a long time. Are you still interested in meeting up?

Check your messages :) hope you are well!!

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