Vietnam custom regulations

Updated 2013-07-26 07:41

On arrival in Vietnam, you must complete white and blue duplicate arrival-departure forms. The blue copy is to be kept with your passport at all times. Hotels, guest houses and private hosts must register overnight guests with the local police and these blue forms are essential for this purpose.

Incoming visitors must also fill out duplicate yellow and white customs declaration forms. The yellow copy is to remain with your passport until departure. Don't lose it!

'¢ Cigarettes: 400, cigars: 100, tobacco: 100 gr
'¢ Liquor: 1.5 litres
'¢ Perfume and jewellery for personal use
'¢ Small gift items valued at not more than US$ 300
'¢ Personal effects of a reasonable quantity

Materials Under Declaration
'¢ Foreign currency: in excess of US$ 7,000
'¢ Gold and jewellery not for personal use
'¢ Video tapes, CDs'¦
'¢ CDs and tapes are often retained for screening, and will be returned after a few days.

Banned Materials
'¢ Weapon, firearms, explosives and inflammable objects
'¢ Opium and other narcotics
'¢ Anti-government literature
'¢ Pornographic literature

Articles of high values

Goods of commercial nature and articles of high value require export permits issued by the customs authorities. Therefore, to these group of articles, ask the retailer when you buy them for a receipt and declaration that the item may be exported. Antiques, some precious stones and animals listed in Vietnam's red-book may not be brought out of the country.


Since customs regulations are subject to change at any time, our brief summary above is used for reference only. We can not be held liable for any costs, damage, delays, or other detrimental events resulting from non-compliance. Always double check with your local embassy or consulate.
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