Expats in Libourne and whereabouts?


Are there any expats in Libourne, Sauveterre, Saint Emilion or thereabouts? Lets get together one day and do something!  :)


My husband and I are moving close to Castillon la Bataille permanently next September, so do let me know if you get a group set up and if not we'all maybe we can meet up! I am half Spanish, and obviously speak English and I am learning French now!
Best, Jenni

Hi Jenni

That's great, Castillon is close by.  My husband (French) speaks Spanish  and English and I'm now sprucing up my French....ouf ..tough one! But  I bet we won't run out of languages to speak ;)

Enjoy the move!

Quite surprising (or not?) that there are very few English speakers in Libourne. I thought it was a fairly big city with a good number of expatriates :/

Hi - so great to see names close to LIbourne. I am in Puisseguin (actually, currently in US - but back in March)
Would love to connect with some close be folks - I am pretty isolated in my area.

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