Moving to Lyon

Hey everyone! :)

I'll be studying in Lyon from May 2017 - August 2017.. Does anyone have any tips on making friends? I'm so nervous because I don't speak French very well :( If you'll be in Lyon and would like to hang out during those times send me a message (or however this site works, I'm new :'D)

Don't worry -- we don't speak French well either and we've been here for months. It's easy -- lots of people speak English. You'll get along just fine :)

It's easy to make friends here... it's a very social city.

Thank you for the response :) I'm kind of nervous but really looking forward to coming :)

The Erasmus association at the universities in Lyon organise a lot of events and nights out for the international students that come to Lyon to study.

This is a good way to meet lots of people, practice French and have a good time. You can find their page on Facebook and there are also events organised by the university to help international students settle down.

You might also think to live in a collocation or a student residence as you can meet people there.
Let us know how you get on!

Well it is a good City for French is also enough good...
Job is it difficult? Location? Please suggestion for rent house Please

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