To get in touch with Ghanaians living in Jordan

I would like your team to help to  get in touch with Ghanaians living in Jordan

Welcome on board  :cheers:

If you go to the section community, you see a sub tab "members" where you hopefully can find your fellow countrymen.

Hello,just joined .....any Ghanaian's here???

Yes I will need the team help to get in touch with Ghanaians is Jordan

Hi am Vic Ghanaian

Hi I am Ghanaian

Hi how r u?

Am doing great!!

Yes maame  am here

Hello am Vic from Ghana.i need a friend from Ghana I can trust.

Am here I need a friend i can trust

Never post your personal information such as telephone number, email or other social media accounts on a public forum like this.
For your own safety I recommend to this by pm if you want.

Hi am from Ghana too***

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Reason : please share your contact via your private message system. Thank you.
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