Surfing Buddies/Advice needed in Mauritius

Hi All

I recently moved to Mauritius from South Africa (Cape Town) and am still busy settling in. I will be here for 3 years (or more  ). I am really keen to get in the water and do some surfing. I have done some research on the surf spots and the do and don’t around Mauritius regarding locals and spots. I have been surfing since I was 5 years old so I am not a beginner. I did not bring a board up from SA so I need a little bit of advice on where the best place is to buy a board (7’4 to 7’8 conventional shape with a decent thickness and buoyancy). If anybody out there could point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it.

Happy Surfing!


Hi Santone

We are moving there in March and also from Cape Town.
Need to know all the same info. My husband and my son are very keen surfers have surfed since they where young also.
We will be there for 10 days in November to see where we will live etc. somewhere in the North as it's close to work and schools.
Where do you live ?

Regards Cara

Hi Cara

Good to hear from you and great that you guys are moving here. I have only been here for two weeks but so far so good. Am loving it. I will send you a inbox message shortly.



hey guys, best place to surf is definitely around the south. Best spots at le Morne but also along the south coast. Be careful as current can be dangerous there.

You'll be able to get a board easily as there are surf shops along the coast.

I  advise you not to go surf at tamarin bay were locals will not let you surf at Dal, until you make good friends with local guys.


Hey. Thank you so much for that info. I have heard that the locals at Tamarind can be heavy yes. I will go surfboard shopping this weekend then!

try also mauritius nautic sales on facebook for second hand boards

Have you had any luck with finding some surf. I moved to Mauritius in November last year and since then both my long and short boards have been collecting dust. Would love to get in the water somewhere if possible


Sadly, I have not found any yet. There was one day that Tamarin Bay looked good but it was super crowded. There is a sport at Griss Griss in the South that also looked promising, but I have been back twice and it was dead flat. I am so desperate that I will even settle to just go for a paddle!


Sorry for the delayed reply but I was on a fishing trip and had no internet access. I have heard about the spot at gris gris. I am in the same boat as you, would settle for a paddle if nothing else. I have not been on a surfboard in the water in 2017.  I keep getting told about the heavy localism in certain spots as well but past caring about any that, just need to get in the water. If you do find a wave thats rideable please let me know will be appreciated. Got a longboard he aswell so doesnt even need to be big.


And I have a husband and son in the same position. They are super keen to surf or even paddle. Our container arrives next week with long and short boards and SUPs. We also have just bought a Hyundai H1 bus so have space.
So let's keep in touch

Hi I'm a proficient windsurfer, (dabbled with surfing longboard but wouldn't say I can surf), however this question was asked me by a UK friend of a friend who is honeymooning Mauritius September. I asked a local surfer and this was his reply for potential surf during that time. (I have to respect his wishes to keep other more secret spots) but hope the following helps;

The best spots are Tamarin, Le Morne or Sancho near Rivière des galets, apparently a spot at blue bay, but locals know it, (I don't know the locals at blue bay, so your friend might be able to check out, if time from honeymooning, when here.  (There are secret spots on south coast but afraid only locals keep mum on those).

Same here. Second week living here. Looks like I may need to take up kite surfing as well.

Might be a good idea the kitesurfing as that is much more accesible. Note there are Ministry level discussions to restrict kitesurfing to just 3 beaches in Mauritius. Discussions are still on about it. The 3 locations: Le Morne, Anse la Raie, Pte Desny.
(This has not yet been passed in law but there are 'beach officers' who have authority to control kite launches at public beaches) I sincerely hope you get to keep your surfboards and find your surfing spots here in due course. The scene for Kiting, hydrofoiling, windsurfing is a growing one over here.  Regards Danny.  :)

Also moving to Mauritius from Cape Town (SA) in Jan 17 and love to surf and have also heard of the locals at certain surf spots.

Will monitor this post to see which breaks you guys find and enjoy


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