Salary 164,000aed - enough to live in abu dhabi?


Hi everyone,

My husband is currently considering applying to move and work in Abu Dhabi. I'm just wondering if the following package would be enough for a family of three. I wouldn't be working and we would also be hoping to have another baby in the near future. The package is as follows:

Salary: 164,000 AED (£34k)

Housing Allowance: 132,000 AED

Vehicle allowance: 18,000 AED

School: 40,000 AED per annum

Flights: 3,500 AED per person per year

Relocation Fee:  50,000 AED

Medical Insurance for the family

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks 😊

Hello and welcome to Tangerine_dream :cheers:

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Hi kenjee

Thanks for replying. I have looked through the threads but can't see anyone asking about similar packages, also it's hard to decipher whether some people are discussing monthly or yearly incomes.

It's all a little confusing which is why I've tried to post a detailed query. Everyone is being offered very different packages and have differing circumstances, naturally. I'm just trying to get an idea of how much it would leave after expenses every month 😊

164000/month? That salary is enough for 3 generations..

dr.berry :

164000/month? That salary is enough for 3 generations..

Hahaha i know Berry said you won't have any did live a very interesting life here. Pack your bags and come

Haha! No, those are yearly figures. So the monthly salary amount would be 13666aed and monthly housing, school allowance, transport and medical insurance, relocation package etc is as listed above, also. All figures are per annum/yearly. Is that too little for a family of three/four with a small villa on a compound like Al Reef?

R u getting this salary,seems like ur kidding,anyways bit its true ,its more than sufficent for u to stay here in Abudhabi without any problem,only top VPs and CFOs get this much salary here in UAE.

Sorry i read ur other comment afterwards,if that salary is annualy and its coming to 13666 monthly then i feel its very less for Abudhabi,since ur getting school allowance ,and housing ,its sufficent for u to stay hand to mouth,but u cannot save much out of this.

The big expense here is UAE is schooling and accomadation,since ur getting this from the company 70% of ur expenses is already covered u just need to spend for food .

Hi Tangerine Dream (you're not from Blackpool are you?)

I work in financial services and I provide advice and guidance to the expat community out here in Abu Dhabi.

The package that your husband is being offered is pretty standard. The vehicle allowance may not meet with your needs. A family of 3 - 4 will be needing a large 4wd I would think so you may have to add to the cost....500 AED or so a month I would think. Unless your husband is a teacher? Teachers get better deals on vehicles than anyone!

Overall I think you will be absolutely fine. You may need to save towards future school fees and the package will allow you to do that. I can assist with this kind of thing as this is exactly what I do here. Helping guide new expats like yourselves.

Kind regards


Hi David,

Thanks for your reply. No, I'm not from Blackpool but I am a northerner.

That all sounds promising. I think we'd looking at buying two second hand vehicles outright with our current savings and we've seen some for under 20,000aed each that would meet our needs. Then vehicle allowance could contribute to running costs and upkeep.

With regards to the package, my husband would be entering into negotiations if he decided to accept a position, we have not had the actual package confirmed yet as it is an estimate from someone within the company, in a similar role. Do you have any idea of vehicle insurance costs in uae?

Also, feel free to PM me your rates and fees and we would be happy to get in touch for advice when/if we do decide to move out.

Thanks again for getting in touch 😊

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Wow, that sounds fantastic. I'll certainly check out your page. I'll keep in touch should we decide to move. Thanks again David - your input has been hugely helpful.

Oh.. 13666/month.. yes.. it is possible to manage here , provided the other benefits are given to you. But you would find it difficult to save.

it is amazing offer go ahead

Things are pretty tough nowadays ... so 13666 is a pretty ok offer but not lavish living enough to make ends meet

housing would cost you around 12-15 per month if you live in lavish area with 2 bedroom apartment, so if you are having 25000 per month (housing+salary) that would be ok for you as other expenses are not that much, the main thing is your accomodation and children education which will also be paid by your employer, good to start

Still you doubt to pack your bag ??????????

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