Al Khobar, how safe

Hi all,

I'm about to start working in Al Khobar and although I plan to reside in Bahrain, for the initial period I will be in Khobar while my Iqama is being sorted (10 days ish).

What I am wondering is how safe Khobar is for a western expat male around town? I'm used to getting to a new place and exploring the place at will. The first 10 days I think I'll have plenty of time on my hands so in an ideal world would like to explore, go to the gym and possibly go scuba diving. I would also like to find a boxing gym if possible.

Am I being realistic or naive??!!

I am sure its safe

Pretty safe!

Saudi Arabia is one amongst the safest place on earth. You need to respect & follow the law of the land to be safe.

Yes, Its safe for all nationals.

Hello Dadofduck,

I've been here in Al Khobar for over sixteen years and it's safer now than it was when I first came.
There are a lot of things to do around town if you look and a few scuba clubs. The Philippians know what's going on when talking about scuba diving, so ask around. Boxing, you probably won't find a club, but there are plenty of gyms around. So, training daily shouldn't be an ordeal.
Have a look at internations online to see what is happening in Al Khobar.
Good luck and welcome to the eating capital of the Eastern Province.

Thanks for that!

After a few weeks I've seen that it is a nice safe place to be. I seem to exhausted the city in my search for a boxing club and have now given up! I think the eating capital of the Eastern Province has helped me put on about 4-5kg since arriving!

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