Volunteering opportunities in Khobar

Hello Everyone!

My name is Malak and am Lebanese. I am newly married and have moved to Khobar to join my husband. I recently obtained my PhD in Civil Engineering and currently taking a 1 year break to rest after these many years of studying and working. I want to refocus on myself, family, and giving back to society. Therefore am very excited to volunteer here in Khobar and help others in being happier, healthier, and generally  improve their lives in any way.

As am new here, I basically have very little knowledge about where I can volunteer or whom to contact. I would love to work with children (orphans, sick (mentally or physically), poor, etc) or families in need. I'd like to take part in volunteering activities (helping through communication and talking therapy, cooking and providing food, planning fun games and events, raising funds, etc).

Are there specific organizations or members that I can contact who need volunteers or can at least help me reach those who need volunteers?

Awaiting your kind feedback :)

nice to read your words
i am really happy to here this from you
i have an autistic child how is homeschooled and at some point in our journey we needed volunteers to spend some time with him to expand his social skills but we found no one
   i dont know if there is an organization that you may apply at, but i wanna thank you for such a spirit
good luck

Hello there :) I can't but wish you and your child all the love and happiness in the world. It melts my heart to hear about this. May all the sufferings be turned into strength and joy :) I would have loved to help but I know this requires special skills that I unfortunately lack.
Best of wishes to your family

Dear Malakhattab,
I am really happy to read your thoughts and feelings. I am also a new commer to Jeddah feelig almost the same with you. I am planning to find similar activities/work. Please inform me if you can find something. I will do the same as soon as I find anyting. Maybe you can help in my school with some projects or disadvantaged students. I am so happy to know you😊

Hello mrairybanm,
How old is your child? What kind of challenges when you're dealing with him? What kind of voluntary works that you need from us community? Thanks

Nice work I appreciated
UN want volunteer's contact with UN


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