Looking for Men's Haircut - Barber in Khobar

I've been in Khobar for about two months, but I've not found a good barber. Anyone know one that they would recommend?

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Nothing I have found - just try your luck I guess! I just posted the same question..

Come to dammam
Will provide you good saloon

ummmm - can you share the name/location?

It's near dammam central hospital
24th street mushtasfa street


I found one across from AlGosaibi Mosque in the Doha district. The name is in Arabic, but the sign is a large pair of scissors. They speak very little English, but short, medium and the scissors hand sign will get you a decent haircut for a very reasonable price.

I have always used the Turkish barber in Al Fanar Mall, seems to be ok.

I don't have that much hair left though :)

Thanks guys! I found one near the Al Rashid mall!

Please share it! :)

I go to the barber inside the Meridian Hotel near the Danube grocery store. It's a bit expensive but very good.

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