For all the ladies in Al-Khobar/INFO. Needed PLEASE !!

Can we start a little coversation here
about living in Al-Khobar as a woman ?

How many of you go out to malls on your own ?
How many of you do not cover your hair ?
How have you enjoyed your stay in Al-Khobar so far ?
What kinds of activities (clubs, gyms, etc...) do you belong to ?

Can anyone recommend a great spa for massages for women in Al-Khobar ?
What about a well-equipped gym ?
Which hotels are the best in terms of gyms and spas in Al-Khobar ?
Can anyone recommend a good school (or schools) for children in Al-Khobar ?
Are there any good book stores there ?

I look forward to reading your answers !

hi ... im simran im indian n half eng lived studied work in saudi for more than 25 years not all the time but in and out in Riyadh,Alkhobar n Jeddah. live here with my family

yes women can go to malls alone as long as you have a few things you need for security reasons will tel you that to how it works

their is not much on such things as clubs but the hotels have them you can try ... some come here and make their own clubs regarding to ppl who they work with ..

they are many spas tell me your budget will give u info
and also r u Muslim (dosnt matter just a question)and were are you original from ...

@ saharadesert great list of questions, would be lovely to get a comparison of different cities with those same questions.

Hi everybody!

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Hey there!
For myself i do go to malls on my own few times but i have stopped going out recently not for any reason related to problems io have faced when going out. As a Saudi girl i have to cover my hair but i do not cover my face so it is more of thsat im obliged to do it. i have seen many forigners who dont cover their hair and it is perfectly fine until you face some of the religious police, that do not bother me much about me not covering my face and all you have to do is just ignore then and dont show much care about them and just throw a scarf on if they ask you to and take it off when you pass them by. Khobar can be considered as one of the best cities you can live in Saudi Arabia as it is quiet but it can be so boring if you dont have much people you know to meet with or do activities with. not much acivities can be done unless you are living in a compound with a gym, coffee shops or restaurants. Im not sure about this but i have heard that in some compounds they have their own mini clubs where alcohol can be availble, anyways if you have the drinks and the place you can always arrange something fun in a secure compound. I have never went to a nice Spa in Khobar for massage but you can try getting one in SAAD Hospital. i dont know about gyms in general. Hotels as far as i know only offer gym and Spa services for men only. No Idea about Schools. The only book stores i know is Jareer Bookstore and Al-aubaikan in Mall of Dhahran. I hope i have been helpfull enough!

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1- spas   (Golden Tipp).
2-Women alloloh or Allaloh  compound (large) massage and massage, as well as the makeup and Mickey AP is in the Khobar,exactly. location directly behind the Movenpick Hotel.
3-Best movenpick hotels and Sofitel.
4-the best shopping places jian, iKEA and Othaim mall and marina mall.

enjoy your time well

bye my dear

any aerobic class/sports club for females in raka/khobar??

Dear friend, please check with, hope they have.

Every thing depends on your budget..................... if u have enough money to afford living in nice compound every thing u can feel like west and u can have bars and parties in some nice compounds...... and u can also have spa and gyms in these compounds,,, rest of the thins in city like malls restaurants... just matter of time killing .. nothing good in khobar... Also good schools are highly expensive.. until your company is not paying ur kids fee....but only n only one advantage of khobar is this that u can have  exit reentry visa ..then u can visit BAHRAIN at weekends for parties and night life. .its just and 20 mints drive .. excluding immigration time at causeway...only u have nice time when ur living in nice compound and u have nice social circle.for any further details u can in box

Hello ladies!!

I'm moving to all khobar in the month of Jan .
Looking forward to making new friends.

Simple no bar no parties n no fun khobar is like village n compounds of khobar as compare to other cities r really dead ...only few compounds hv mini bars n ppl of khobar don't arrange much dance parties because they go to bahrain at weekends ... noting good here

Lol she asked about clubs n spas n ya just parting I'd not only a fun ..but would u like to tell what else is there to do I'm here since 20 years .... 90 percent ppl will agree that there is nothing to do as hobby here ..but I don't want to argue .... I reserved the right to give my opinion

I'm from Jeddah and I go to the mall on my own :)
As for the gyms, I believe Gold's Gym is pretty popular here in Saudi.
Jarir Bookstore is popular in Jeddah. Not sure if they have it in Al-Khobar.
Hope you enjoy your stay!

RazanSB :

I'm from Jeddah and I go to the mall on my own :)
As for the gyms, I believe Gold's Gym is pretty popular here in Saudi.
Jarir Bookstore is popular in Jeddah. Not sure if they have it in Al-Khobar.
Hope you enjoy your stay!

Hey RazanSB

This is a very old thread...also life in Jeddah is on a lose end compared to other towns. Do you know some restaurants in Riyadh do not allow unaccompanied you know....xo

Hi there! With regards to spa, I recommend The Sanctuary SA near Saad hospital. They offer good massages in case your stressed 😊

Does anyone know of any ladies gyms in Dammam or Khobar. I want a 3 months membership and max i want to pay is 750 riyals.

Me too. I so need answers too your questions as well 😭😭😭😭😭

Hi there!
I see this message was from long ago.... but I was wondering if you stayed in Khobar?

I am looking for the exact same things you posted.

Spas, gyms, health places for ladies.
Also going out w out covering hair/ going to the mall or grocery alone?...

Would appreciate any tips
I'm new to KSA.

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