Donating things in Al Khobar

I m living in al khobar does anyone know where to donate used clothes and toys to poor and needy people.
Before there were boxes kept but now can't find any.
If anyone knows kindly help me.

The boxes come with the situation; for example occurrence of (God forbid) any natural disaster.

Many mosques have boxes fitted outside for used cloths (and bread remains). The charity companies used to pick up from there but I somehow know that they were displeased with the cleanliness and usability of clothes and gradually went reluctant to pick from there.

One other way is be part of a charity group on FB that works in your city. I'm member of two such in Riyadh. I personally know who the group runners are and how extensively they make efforts to ascertain that donations reach the needy.


A general note to everyone who is planning to dump his/her used clothes. Make sure the used clothes go to the laundry first; and not right from the bin.

Can you please share the links to those fb charity groups in Riyadh??

Even I used to donate..... But I don't find any donation drum anywhere anymore

hello i would like also to donate... or buy food or any special need here in Khobar. please let me know any institution or NGO. thanks.

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