Turkish Language Speakers

Hello everybody,

Wish that you are all doing well and enjoying vacations these days in Egypt.

I am looking for a Turkish native speaker to practice language with, I am living in the fifth settlement but all over Cairo won't be a problem as I know Turkish speakers are very rare.
Finding a group of speakers will be more useful, and in exchange I can teach English as I'm certified trainer.

Kareem Abdelrazek

Am looking for turkish speakers as well...can i join you if you dont mind?

Sure dear, let's find who is available.

I'm also need to join this, pls keep me informed Kareem & Caroline

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Hello Gmosab,
Thank you for your kind advice, unfortunately when I tried to access the website I didn't find Turkish language section, beside that I don't prefer online courses, I believe that practicing language can only be done in actual life situations, also if you are interested a website called polyglotclub is more useful and has a wide range of users and teachers per hour.

Thanks again and we are still waiting for someone to meet in actual life.

That website offers online and private courses in any language they try to found you the teacher you want to meet in Egypt . :) But i don't think for exchange .

Good luck

Without being pilloried as an Egyptian man-:) :dumbom:  I recommend amicably to you a place in Maadi where you can enjoy time, read and get introduced to expats. It's a book shop called "Kotob Khan" meaning the library in Turkish language. It has a new theme to the market. You can read and have coffee "illy" and an apple or a beverage l or even light breakfast.

At night you can visit them for cultural events like launching of new books or musical events.


I am looking for a turkish and arabic speaking interpreter who can accompany businessmen from Ankara later this month. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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