Seeking a job in Cambodia and Vietnam

Hi guys! I will be in Cambodia and Vietnam on September and really working forward to moving there. Anyone need a hand at their work? :) thanks!

Hi Camiltuason,

Please refer to the jobs dedicated section of the website by dropping an advert if you are looking for job.

Here is the link : Jobs in Saigon

All the best,

My advice is ....don;t go to any of those countries for work
These are tough places to work especially for a young woman.
Believe me I know as I've worked in both.....

Hi camiltuason,
I believe that you can always find work to do if you have the skills to solve people's problems even as a freelancer.
Problem+solutions = results.
What people want are solutions to their problems. With this in mind, the impoortant questions to ask are? what skills do I have? What pressing problems can I solve using these skills? For whom can I solve these problems?

Everything depends on your mindset.

I believe if you have a great personality and very good networking skills then you will be able to find work much faster, while the rest of society keep depending only on job advertising sites.

Best wishes.

Thank you so much for those kind words! :)

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