Looking for a fitness partner in the north

Hello! My name is Kesh. I live in Grand Bay. I'm thinking of enrolling in a fitness club in Grand Bay area and I'm looking for a fitness partner (for mutual motivation and to have no excuse not to go ;) :)  ). If anyone is interested, I would be pleased to hear from you! I was also wondering whether there are fitness challenges over a certain time period happening in Mauritius - for example : weight loss over 2 months challenges? Or even groups who regularly meet up to exercise together ? Thank you! :)


I just moved from Belgium to Mauritius and live in Grand Bay.

Me too am looking to enroll at a fitness here.

Let's meet up and go together!

I would love to meet new people.

How can I contact you?


Charlotte Peeters

Hello am avinash. Am currently having my training sessions at mygym. Also looking for a training partner. If interested do reply me. We can them exchange numbers :). Thank you.

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