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Hi, yesterday I received my contract for an 6 month internship in Saigon from September till February.
As I was reading through the contract, there was nothing about vacation days, isn't it regulated by law?
Hope somebody can answer me this thanks!

About vacation days, all of companies in Vietnam must be followed Labour Law.

If in the contract was not any points about that, in my opinion: 1. The vacation is default. 2. If they made the contract on purpose, and when you work, you don't have any vacations, you can sue them.

Anyway, i think you should ask them about that before you sign the contract.

There are two things need to be clarified:

The first,  the contract is entered into by and between you and Vietnamese company or a company in your home country?

If u sign the contract with a company in your home country, it may not be governed by Vietnamese labor law.

The second, even you sign the contract with Vietnamese company, that is not Labor Contract, that is just an agreement for internship. Vietnamese labor law has no regulation indicating " Internship Contract" and the annual leaves being 12 days and other full paid personal leaves only apply for Labor Contract.

Hence, the vacation of your Internship will be subject to the negotiations between both parties. That's not an obligation of the company under the labor law.


The contract is about me and a Vietnamese Company.
Thanks for your reply! :)
It seems like I have to clarify that with The Company again.


Yes. That is what you need to do. If u have any question, don't be afraid to seek for help from people around you. ^^

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