looking for friends around Lyon ...

my name is sabrina from tanzania East Africa i moved here in France since last year in september.i live in Pont de vaux, near bourg-en-bresse i am looking for friends around in Lyon
those who speak both english and french and even those who are still learning french.
i am still learning french and would like to exchange language in both french and english
hoping to meet friends to hang around and to share their experience with the french culture and language in France.everyone is welcomed to contact me without any race or age restrictions.

Hi,sabrina,my name is mercy from kenya ,i live in france,please contact me on my email **

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Bonjour! Also looking for networking in Lyon! Mon francais pas tres bien encore aussi mais je suis de Pays Bas, et j'habite a Lyon pour 3 mois. Si tu veux on peut pratique nos francais ensemble et peut etre si tu veux participer d'activites loisirs et decouvrir Lyon un peu! If you want to meet up let me know! English is fine!


As this is an Anglophone forum please post in English only....

Hi sab,

Please send me a message and we can meet. I live near valmy area

Hi dear my name is sabrina i live out of the city but i do visit lyon frequently where is valmy ? I never heard of yhis town i would be happy to meet a friend  we can plan to meet

Hi Sabrina Valmy is in lyon 9  closed to vaise ,well I am Karenina ,I livevin lyon 7if you are around Lyon lets  meet up I am free on Wednesday,   see yaa

Hi Karenina,

I am somewhat new to the city and am interested in meeting new people here in Lyon.

This is my second visit here. I am here until the end of October this time. I'm from Russia and run a tour agency there, so I can work and travel at the same time. I appreciate overseas cultures and dealt a lot with an international environment over the past 10 years.

If you would like to meet for a drink or so, let me know :-)


Hi I am new too, would you like to meet and exchange stories?
Good luck x

I want to work there in France, one day I'll go there insha ALLAH

Hi! I am Sofia from Italy.. i will move to lyon next week and I will stay there 6 months.. I really would like to meet people to share experience and go around! I have been in lyon once and I like a lot the city! I understand and speak also french!
I hope to keep in touch with someone wants to meet new people !

Hi Sofia, thanks for your message. When your in Lyon let me know and we can meet for drink.

Tell me what will bring you to town?


I will move to lyon because of work.. i am a chemistry in italy and i will work in lyon at the chemistry university!what about you?
Thank you a lot for your answer!

That sounds really good, at the moment I only work part time( looking for full time) but the opportunity hasn't arised yet.
I moved here to start a new life! :)

Where are you from? And in which field are you searching a job? Dont give up!!

Born in portugal, grew up in london, im currently a part time nanny. Iam looking for full time nanny but i am also trying the education field as iam a qualified (at university level) child care practicioner- nursery and nursery school.
Yea I wont give up :) sounds interesting!and do u like lyon?do tou think it is a nice city to leave?

Hi Sabrina!I am Sofia fron Italy.. i willl be in lyob next week until march.. i really would like to meet people and sharing!i know english and also a lirtle of french!keep in touch if you want we can meet each other soon!

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