Having garments produced in Vietnam

Me and my sister are looking into having garments produced here in Vietnam for selling back home in Sweden. Does anyone here have any experience in how that works?
We are ultimately looking for a place that can provide and print fabrics as well as producing a smaller quantity of around 100 garments.
If anyone have any tips or ideas we would live to get your input!
Thanks, Lina

Hi Lina,

First step might be:
you can have a look to this link: … ode=488407

It's list of textile companies in Vietnam.
You may check their websites to see which one looks like the one you are looking for.
Then you may cold-email them to ask if they can help you.
In case they don't respond you, you can ask my help.

I helped a Turkish client to look for rayon fabric, and the producers asked him to send samples to Vietnam so they can have exact quotation.
You may need to send samples here as well.


Hi, thank you for your answer. I will have a look a the link you sent and take it from there, I really appreciate your help.
Have a nice evening! KR/ Lina


If you are living in the North of Vietnam, please contact me. Maybe I can work for you as your staff : )


Having the source n willing to help u to widen network.  Inbox me, i ll take u there. Hcm city


Good morning Lina
How are You?
I am Hanh and living in Hochiminh.
I work in textile and garments more than 10 year ago. Just read your post and wondering if You find out a good garment factory yet? If till looking for please contact me. Maybe we will become partners in near future .
Take care and good luck

please check working conditions of the employees first, mailto:info[at]

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Post in ENGLISH only.

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Im importing in to Australia.

Try Sylvie at Sylvie Tran

Cheers Tony


Many thanks for your message

Please let me know what kind of textile You ship to Australia? .


Hope talk to You again soon. Thanks

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Dear Tommy
How are You?
Thanks You so much for Your email.
My name is Hanh. Nice to meet You?
As introduce, i work for Hallmark International company. We have 2 textile factories in Mumbai India. Our produces are textile for Shirt and trousers . We export some countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia , Dubai , Iran, Egypt and also export to USA , EU.
We also export textile from Vietnam to other countries . Our Vietnamese textile are Satin, Chinfon , Kniting and some other kind of textiles .
What kind of textile do You want to import ?
Do You use whatsapp, viber or line...? Please add me so we could chat and i will send You our produces so You can get idea of our textile.
Thanks and Best Regards


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Oh i see. Thanks You so much ❤️

hi Lina
how are u?
my name YenTuyet, im seller in shop fashion An Dong PLAZA in D5
i do know a few place can provide and print fabrics as well as producing y of around 100 garments.
because im allway garments in that for my customer
if need i help u can contact with my,
im ready help everybody
have a nice day

Hi guys,

I invite you to contact / exchange with Lina in private ...


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