New: Gatherings and events in Mauritius


Would you like to have a coffee, organize a dinner or find people for activities in Mauritius?

To help you meet people and find outings in Mauritius, we launched a Gatherings and Events section in Mauritius: you can now follow what’s going on in your area and make the most of your time off.

You can also create events and organize a gathering with the members.

How to create a gathering?

On the Events in Mauritius page, click on “Post an event”.
Fill in the form with the details related to the gathering: date, place, hour… and post your event.

It’s now time to invite the other members! You can opt for a public event or a private one (Invitation or Invitation plus).

To send invites, click on “Invite friends” on your event page and select who you wish to invite.

Get informed of who is coming through this page and get in touch with the other members or add pictures of the events in the comments.

A photo album dedicated to the event will then be created.

What do you think of this new feature?



Hi Julien,
I think it's a great feature! It's the same principle as the website Urbeez (OVS) that is very popular and works well in Réunion Island but for some reason has trouble starting up in Mauritius. But since has already so many members, I think it will have a far better chance 👍

Good Morning from Icy London Julien. I am back on Paradise Island on the 30th January and I think this is a great idea and I am hoping that I should be able to make it this time. Have a good day!!

Great idea Julien.
I am back in the UK for a few months so couldn't attend the meet up on 16th sorry.
Hear the weather there is very hot! :)

Great initiative! :)

real nice ,but i will wait for next time , because i am in china now

This is such an excellent idea.  We missed the first event of the year since we were in SA for a few weeks ... maybe next time...

Hi everyone should organise a meet up at the new Irish bar in Trianon as it's centrally located in the island :)

Hi Allen, feel free to organize it ;) I explain how to do it in my first post.

The first event last Saturday was great, at peak time we were more than one hundred ! We had a very pleasant time, thanks to all the attendees !

Hi Julien,

Thanks for your info. Great idea. But it will take some time because i am in France.

Dear Julien,
I am ever so pleased that the first event was a success. I am as always very willing to contribute to my  culnury skills >>>!
Take Care!!


Will you post pics from the event for those who couldn't make it?

It was a great event, but regrettably the anglo ex-pats were conspicuous by their absence.  Let's hope we do better next time.

Try The Irish in Trianon and Henessy Park Hotel...Le Suffren also a good place to be and even The Chambly...They are always up to something new...

I work close to the Henessey and have heard good reports about the Irish pub

Hey, I´m just getting used to this expatblog tool and I think is a great idea! :)

nice initiative julien, i am also planning a zimbawean bbq at fliq en flac beach, you can see it in the events section, it would be also great if anyone who will be free that day to come and spend time with us … becue.html

Hi Guys,
I will be in Mauritius from 5-24 May. Let me know if there are any expat gatherings.


There are some events organised already

Currently staying in Calodyne for two and a half weeks :)  Love this country more and more after each visit !

Dear Julien,

We have a hall readily available for rent for Expat meetings with table and chairs and video conferencing facilities. Hall is found in Quatre Bornes.
If you want to visit or more information, you can mail me on aieinstitution[at]
Best of Luck.


thats really very nice!!! great idea !!

This is a great initiative! I'm hoping there will be some events happening when I visit Mauritius this month. Otherwise, I might just have to create one myself  :D

On Meetup there is a new EXPAT group and they are having a Picnic at Tamarin beach tomorrow Sunday 4th from 12:00 to 15:00

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