American looking for long term friendship and travel buddy to Egypt

Looking for friends who love to travel back and forth to Egypt, someone who is serious about friends and makes. Efforts into calling and texting on a daily bases.

I am in.

Hello Shelli,

How are you doing today?

This is Ahmad and I live in Cairo Egypt =)
There are different ways to meet up with people from Cairo. One of the is couchsurfing (you ever heard of it?). If you don't know it, just google it, register and create your public trip to Egypt. Your inbox will be flooded with messages from Egyptians offering either to host you or to show you around (or even be your friends).

There is also a great travel guide book on Egypt from lonelyplanet. I bought several ebooks from them and I bought one on Egypt myself :D
The book really digs into deep details that you would be so interested to know about!

I'm also available to show you around if you are interested. Let me know :)

Travel safe.


Hi I would love to meet up n travel to Egypt is this for holidays in different parts,I've been on my own but now coz of the way things are there,I get hassled to much.n it isn't much fun.  Send me ur email n u can explain more,n what u have planned   Tarnya

Hi my email is xxx

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Hello I am about to go to Egypt on 22.08 but I am in for. travelling anywhere :D

Hi.  Thanks for ur email.
U say ur going Egypt unfortunately that's a bit to short notice this time for me  what a shame I would love to off go.Where u from n where u hoping to go  too.
I used to live in Luxor.I met what I thought at the time a very nice Egyptian man,then not long after I moved their he became a different I left n returned to England.But I did love Egypt n would love to go again but never again on my own.
But every time I ask friends to come with me n try different parts off Egypt I always get a no
I see u had a lot of response from men.they only have one thing on there minds n it's not to be friends so plz be careful if u email any off them back
U take care if going alone.if u love ur history diving even just sunbathing ect ur going to have a lovely time

Hey, hope you have a safe flight to Egypt. Where do u plan on staying?

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