Mountaineering Le Pouce

Hi all. Am planning for a group to hike le pouce mountain just after the new year.  Anyone interested?

hello paola, its for everyone, hiking le pouce mountain is not difficult. once i saw a couple aged above 50 was climbimg it with their sticks in hand. its a bit tiring but you need no rope etc.... just walking....

some places you will feel that you are climbing a long staircase but its not dangerous at all... there is a place up where you can play football... u need not be a professional to climb it...

hope we get a good group... waiting for others to join.... will be great fun.

it may take you a maximum of 2 hours to go up and about 1hr 30 minutes to be back down.

there is a place up where you can have your lunch sitting on the beautiful green grasses

I am in , can we share contact details in inbox.

Hello Paola,
Le Pouce is very simple and anyone can do. You don't have to be a professionals. Normally it takes 2 to 3 hours to do it.

Count me in

Ok nichal n mosaya. Nice to see u interested. Will contact u when we get a nice group.....

Am keen... can you  pls share the exact date/ time.. I understand that there are 2 routes - one from St. Pierre side and other from Port Louis.. which one are we taking?

Hello everyone,

I invite you when  you are fixed on the date and time to post your event in Event in Mauritius. This section will enable you to invite other expats and it will be more easily to manage the event.

Naomi. :)

Yes ok naomi. Thx. Ok CAJT... will keep u informed...

Hi let me know date time and where to meet thx

Will keep in touch rawatyassir

I am interested . Count me in . Dr Vashisht

Please let me know when it is planned .

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This sounds great! I love hiking in my native Vancouver, Canada, but 5 years in England and now 5 months here in Mauritius, its been a while! I look at the mountains here with longing each day...

How will you contact the group when you have a date arranged?

Looking forward to the climb,

HI,  I am interested. I have a group of children. Can we make it a sunday if it's not too demanding . You can contact when you are ready . Thanks

Sounds good.  I await details


Hi all. Sorry was a bit busy. I am trying my best to finalise the trip... stay connected

Hi pramsham,

I'm in !

By the way you should definitely post in the events section when you're ready, we'll give a nice exposure to the group :)

All the best;


Hi. You can count on me. I am a native here and a dedicated hiker. Can help out in organising. Let me know..
Kind Regrads..

I'm interested too, depending on the date.

Hi. I am also keen, please let me know.

Sorry for late reply , we are going for pouce mountain tomorow if interested call me on xxx

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sorry to read late..... was not free though.... catch later... thx to consider


I would like to do hiking in Mauritius.  Can somebody tell me if you will organise that kind of events again.



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Both me and my wife are interested?? When's the nxt trip?

hello all, the event is still on... will pm each and everyone here as soon as same is finalized. keep in touch...........

I am from  The Literacy Group. Can you please arrange a trip for hiking Le  Pouce. It will  be adults and children together but i MUST be informed one week before the outing Thanks

hello savitri, am planning to organise in the near future...
will keep u informed in adv.. thx

Can we make it during the holidays because of the children. It will be fun for them . As you they have less and less of space to play. so that's why during all my outings I take them to places where they can epress themselves.
Thanks again

I came across this website that offers routes for other mountains in Mauritius complete with notes and GPS files.  Maybe if the expat group gets together other places can be visited as well as Le Pouce as once you have been there you may want to try somewhere else.

if the moderators would kindly permit the name of the website it is
Hiking routes in Mauritius

Noted Mrs Savitri....

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