Moving to AD is 23000 a good salary?

Hi Everyone,

I received an offer for an assistant professor position.
The salary is 23,000. The university is covering housing, 30k relocation, 20k education allowance per child, air tickets once a year, and also 54 days off, paid.
I have 2 kids, 2 yrs, and 7yrs.
I live in Canada!

Is this a good offer?

Appreciate your help

Hello professor_b

I invite you to browse through threads in our Cost of living in Abu Dhabi section so as to compare your salary with others there and also to know the cost of living and see how much you can save.

Kenjee Team

Thank you!

Its an excellent offer for a couple to live here....
YOu cal also save some amount...

First, check to verify the offer is not a fraud.

Lol, and here I am thinking about my 13k salary as a teacher! Take the offer!

I would like to verify with you joined UAE. If so, what would be a reasonable monthly basic salary for engineering assist prof? thank you in advance for your response!

Do not hesitate!

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