A multicultural profesional looking for social interactions in Kuwait

42 y doctor from Spain living in Kuwait looking for friends in Kuwait

Me too.. Im looking for a friend ..

cherry revilla :

Me too.. Im looking for a friend ..

"A" friend? You can't have too many good friends. You guys are already among friends here. Check out the activities thread and socialize while doing something you like :)

Good luck

Is that very difficult ?

You are very welcome to meet up with us..

:) hello Dr, how are you doing? Having friends here in Kuwait is good mee too looking for friends

Thank you for your reply, nice to have you as a friend. I am free this week as its Eid here.
Give me your email or phone number we could meet for a drink or something.


: :) thanks for reply dear my contact no 99168387. Terry

Are you expecting female or male friends? :D

helllo cherry can we be friends

Hi are you still in Kuwait as I would like to be in contact.

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