Best Hair Salon in Kuwait??

Ladies! Where can I find an amazing salon that can do nice high lights...color etc?

I've seen the color jobs on some women here and frankly I'm frightened!

I don't care what the cost is...I just want a GOOD JOB.

I usually go to Cutting Edge. It is in Salmiya near Sultan Center. The staff is British; they are stylish, funky and creative at the same time :) You will like it

I would recommend el salon elitaly elamrici in hawally near nogra
search for some lebanese staff ;)

wow thank you! xo

the barber shop at meshrif coop is doing a great job :P
haha just kidding.

hahahaha I'll be sure to try it out the day I want to film a horror movie.... :)

Heyyyy! you can get the best hair color and cut at Eden Salon & Spa! I just got my hair done, and it looks AMAZING!
They are located in Sharq...

thank u thank u thank u!!!!

I go to Sloanes. It's an English lady named Lisa. She does a fantastic job at coloring and highlights. They are in salmiayh on the gulf road near the bida roundabout.
Good luck

Hey I use Toni and Guy al corniche all the girls british they are good. good luck

Hi, I suffered a lot to find a very good salon for my highlights , finally  I found a clean, reasonable price  salon and an experienced lady who is taking care of my hair, not only the color, but the volume and the shining.  I do advise you to visit.

Try to call them to get the correct address, it is in Hawally , muthana street, near Amercan creativity school. Hair lounge Salon , and the mobile  is 97579472.

Good luck

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I am also looking for a hairdresser in Kuwait. It is very close to the GulF English School and they use LóREAL Products. Th ey give discounts to all school teachers in Kuwait so many of them visit this salon. I have left Kuwait now but will visit soon and would like to go to this salon. Can you please let me know the name of it. I am sure it is near the Sultan Centre and lots of tall buildings and up in the new car sales area of Kuwait.

Hi There,

We will be relocating to Kuwait later this year and I wanted to know about the best hairdressers for colour and cut for womens hair. I have short hair so the hairdresser needs to be amazing - you help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi! I have been going to Strands for the past few months and I love it! Danielle has been doing my hair and she really knows what she's doing. :)

Thanks a million for your response - will definitely try her out

I was referred to this cozy place on the beach  in Sheeb park Salmeya, by my co-worker at school and I'm hocked. Great place, So far this the best place that I've been to in Kuwait, and I have been to afew, definitely worth checking.. ask for Youky Or Danielle I think the place call Youky salon or Youky Color.. google it....

Cutting Edge. They are lovely in there. Ask for Nicky. I think she is very good. I always use her.

Ninel Salon is the best. Full Georgian team.
You can check out their work and location on Instagram:

I want IWant the best salon for men that I can dye my hair pretty nice colours

Visit Youky Color Bit, American and European Master Hairstylist. The best 😉

I've been here in Kuwait for nearly four months. Now ,I need to get my haircut . I am looking for the hair dresser not too overcharged.     Please advise me where I should go .  Tootsie 57 Could you please tell me how much they charged for just a haircut at Cutting Edge.?

Youky color Bit os the best. International salon, you can try Salette from Portugal 😉

Youki color bit 😉

Youki colour bit, do they do a good hair cut and where are they located, anybody in particular


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