I need a good barber in Kuwait!! Please help!

Hello all,

I need to really good barber in kuwait, that does not give the generic haircut you find over here. I've come from London and have been using my barber there for over 6 years, so i need someone thats up to par.

I do my hair in a flick over/pompadour style. I was going to try tony and guy in al corniche, any recommendations?

Note: What I see as a good barber can be seen as a very bad one by you. So I believe my answer here will be kind of subjective. I'll try to be as objective as possible though.

This is one of the most problematic issues I was having lately. I've had a barber for over 10 years who eventually left Kuwait for good and in his place there was this guy who doesn't make the difference between hair cutting and lawn mowing. I found another excellent guy in Hawally who a year later also left for good.

There is a promising shop in Mousa Bin Nusair street in Hawally. I had a hair cut there once and it was OK. Another option to try are barber shops in Jabriya many of which are run by Lebanese "stylish" guys. Take a tour in Jabriya and you'll find a couple of them on the main street (if you're coming from 4th ring road).

tony and guy is a good idea the others will disappoint you!

I was wondering about the same thing... I need a hair cut soon!

10 KD for a hair cut at Toni and Guy's? :O I'd rather keep the 'fro :P

My hubby has the same hairstyle and goes to the Toni & Guy in Al Corniche, we've gotten good haircuts there and he's VERY fussy about his hair too! We found 10KD to be extremely reasonable since he use to pay more than double to get his haircut.

Yeh to be honest I'm not too bothered about the 10KD, as I'd pay almost as much, if not, a little bit more in London for a haircut.

I went there yesterday and had my cut with a Lebanese guy called Hussein (I thought the'd all be British, as I heard that all the girl stylists there are Brits), so it was quite difficult explaining exactly what I wanted done. I'll give him a 7/10 for overall job, though.

I use Toni and Guy and found that the only one that does mens hair is very good.  He'll listen to comments when you return so you can get the style you're looking for.  Once he's locked in to what you want you get really good cuts.  I think it is worth the 10 KD personally.  Try it and be the judge, but there are several women that do hair (for ladies only) but well worth the look if you enjoy looking a beautiful women. :)  All in all, a great experience for me.

10KD for a haircut?  :o

i had a Turkish barber in Jabriya that charged 3.5KD and did amazing work - but ever since they moved shop i have been unable to locate them :( they also threw in a nice turkish coffee - but i was never disappointed with their work.

I highly recommend the one at The Sheraton, but its by appointment usually, a bit above market price, but very hygienic, advanced, and excellent service

So 11 months down the line and I still haven't found a decent barber. What has my life come to?

Check out His Essential barber & shop?

I can't comment if they're any good but I saw them on Instagram some time back and it looks promising. Good luck!

In London maybe,but not down South. That is really expensive..

I'm going to give them a try next time I need a haircut. Thanks for the recommendation!

WOW @ymhb.1 .... 10 months later? :P

any luck yet ? I have the same issue, found out about T&G in Cornish but they only have one guy working for male section and the earliest available appointment is in 5 days ! never thought cutting hair would be so complicated here, well at least for me, without arabic speaking skills!

Hi,.i am barber in to work and live in kuwait.

You mentioned having trouble explaining the haircut you want.  Have you thought about bringing pictures?

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